A Challenging Time is the third book in the NectarClan book series.

Chapter 1Edit

Paletail walks into the apprentice den and tells Rainpaw and Tansypaw that Shrewstar has dicited to make them warriors. After hearing that, they go towards Shrewstar's den and see him. Shrewstar proforms a warrior cerromony for the two and renames them Rainbreeze and Tansyfur. Just a momement after that, Redwing runs to Shrewstar and tells him that HillsideClan warriors are stealing prey from there terratory. The leader sends Fishscale, Crowclaw, and Tansyfur to fight them of.

Chapter 2Edit

Tansyfur and Fishscale spot two HillsideClan warriors. Fishscale tells her they are Panthertail and Lionclaw. Fishscale pounces at Lionclaw and chases him away, but Panthertail pins Fishscale to the ground and bites his shoulder. Tansyfur leaps on Panthertail, freeing Fishscale and leaving a deep long scar on Panthertail's back, then chases her off.

Chapter 3Edit

The next day Tansyfur and Rainbreeze wake up in the warriors den. Tansyfur asks Rainbreeze if she thinks Fernpaw became a warrior of FieldClan yet. Rainbreeze replies that Fernpaw and Vinepaw are traiters and that she couldn't care less about what happened to them. Tansyfur walks out of the den and walks towards the tansy flower patch were she got her name and remembered the time she and Fernpaw first met. Just then, Fernpaw came running to Tansyfur. Tansyfur asked her why she came back. Fernpaw answered that it's not safe in FieldClan. Tansyfur asked why, and Fernpaw answers that it's because a Thornleap. Tansyfur asks who that is. Fernpaw explians that Thornleap was the MountainClan deputy, but was  kicked out because she tryed to kill there leader to herself leader and that NectarClan helped chase her out and now she seeks revenge on both clans. Tansyfur asked why Vinepaw didn't come with her. Fernpaw answered that he joined HillsideClan.

Chapter 4Edit

Fernpaw goes to Shrewstar and asks if she can rejoin the clan, but just as Shrewstar is about to answer, Rainbreeze yells out that Fernpaw is a traiter. Shrewstar ignores Rainbreeze and alows Fernpaw to reljoin the clan.