A Kit's Destiny is a warriors story about a fanon clan called AppleClan.

This fanfiction is written by Magic-is-cute.

A Kit's Destiny
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Chapter 1Edit

Dawnbreeze, an AppleClan queen layed peacefully in the nursery with her two kits, Turtlekit and Darkkit resting next to her, when her mate, Tigertail entered carrying a kit in his jaws. "Tigertail? Where did you get that kit?" Asked Dawnbreeze. Tigertail did not answer as he walked over to his mate and placed it beside her. Dawnbreeze sniffed the air. "She smells like a kittypet! You didn't steal her from a Twoleg nest did you?" Spat Dawnbreeze. "No, Dawnbreeze. I found her outside our terratory, figuring she was abandoned by her mother and decited to raise her in AppleClan. After all the clan does need more warriors." "But, this is a kittypet!" Spat a dark brown tabby queen. "Well, he couldn't leave her out there to die! She is only an innocent kit, Brownfur." Meowed Dawnbreeze. "But she'll grow up to be a weak kittypet, and kittypet blood will get mixed in with brave and loyal AppleClan blood!" Hissed Brownfur. Dawnbreeze ignored Brownfur. "I would like to raise her, but I don't think Dewstar would understand." I'm sure he will." Meowed Tigertail. Dawnbreeze gave the kit a swift lick. "I shall call her Lavenderkit." Dawnbreeze meowed.