This story is created by User:Meerkatpaw.  This is about one of the founders of HawkClan, Ashtail. This is his tragic tale.

1. ProlougeEdit

Ashtail watched as his mate scent marked the new clan's territory. The cat who was once his mate. A new cat was in her life, but had left the clan before it was truely founded. He saw her pregnant belly, without his second litter. It was another cat's first. He walked up to her. "Hawkstar..." he said, then trailed off. The female turned around.

"Ashtail" Hawkstar said. Ashtail looked at her belly full of kits.

"I see you've found a new mate" he said sadly. Hawkstar didn't answer at first, then finally plucked up the courage.

"You've never wanted to have a second litter, but I have. If you didn't want me anymore, then I have made the first move before you could reject me" she said.

"I'd never reject you! I just wasn't ready for another litter" Ashtail exclaimed.

"I've heard enough. Leave now!" Hawkstar yelled. Ashtail  slowly shuffled out of camp, took one last look at his former mate and left the clan for good. I'll get my revenge one day. Then I'll get Hawkstar back Ashtail thought. He would find  that mate taker, then make sure that something more important will be taken from him.

2. Ashtail's questEdit

A bird was perched on a log, resting. Ashtail leapt at it and pierced it with his sharp claws. Yes! Ashtail thought and ate his small lunch. He was on a mission to find that horrible tom that took his mate from him. He travelled through hot plains that scorched his paws. A stray rabbit bounced around, looking for its family.  It's not worth it Ashtail. Think about your quest  he thought. He left the rabbit and went into the cooler undergrowth of the forest. This is better! Ashtail thought, relaxing his paws. Then his mind turned to other things. This cat must be here Ashtail thought and went deeper into the forest.

3. Hawkstar's storyEdit

"Mother?" a silver she cat called into the leader's den. 

"Come in Rainspirit" Hawkstar said. The young she cat came in.

"Mother, where is father?" Rainspirit asked, then looked at her swollen belly. "Mother, are you expecting kits?" she asked. "I am" Hawkstar said to her daughter.

"Are they father's kits as well?" Rainspirit asked. Hawkstar hesitated, then shook her head.

"They're not" she said.

"Why not?" Rainspirit asked.

"Rainspirit, it's time to tell you something that happened a few moons ago" Hawkstar said. "Your father never loved you or your siblings. He told me kits were horrible ever since I bore you, Tigerfoot and Dawnflight."

"No. It can't be true! It can't!" Rainspirit exclaimed.

"It is" a new voice came from the den entrance. A grey tom came into the den.

"My brother is right" Hawkstar said.

"Is it really true Stormtooth?" Rainspirit asked.

"Yes unfortunately" Stormtooth said. Hawkstar looked down, then back up to her daughter.

"If I go back in time, I would of let Ashtail take my sister instead of me. Then you wouldn't of had such a mouse brained furball of a father like Ashtail" Hawkstar's saddend voice turned into a snarl. Rainspirit was about to leave the den with Stormtooth, when one question popped into her mind. She turned around when Stormtooth left the den. "Mother?" she said. Hawkstar looked up.

"Do you want to ask me something else?"

"Why did you fall in love Father?" she asked. Hawkstar looked at her daughter, pain in her usually wise amber eyes. "Do you remember when you fell in love with Hareleap?" Hawkstar asked. Rainspirit nodded. The black tom with green eyes hadn't been seen since he had split from the group with other cats. "Yes" Rainspirit said.

"It was a bit like that. When we became warriors, I started to love him. Then we had kits together and they were the most beautiful kits I had ever seen" she said. Rainspirit smiled.

"Rainspirit! Can you lead the border patrol?" Stormtooth asked.

"Okay Stormtooth! I'll be out soon!" she said and bounded out of her mother's den. Hawkstar smiled. It was a smile that hadn't appeared on her face for a very long time. The smile of pride.

4. Ashtail's discoveryEdit

Ashtail smelled the ground. He's close! he thought. The scent wasn't very old, just maybe a few heartbeats ago. This was probably the cat's new territory, but there was a problem. This was the border of his old clan, the clan he was born in. I have to get him out of here  Ashtail thought. Then he heard something. He hid in a bush and saw the  pelt of his brother, Newtpelt. He was wounded and heading out of camp. He saw him bleed while walking, then collapse. Ashtail ran to his brother. He put his tail on his shoulder. "Newtpelt!" he yelled. The grey tom groaned. He opened his green eyes slowly then managed to groan, "Ashtail" he smiled weakly.

"What happened?" Ashtail asked his brother.

"That flea ridden father of your mate did this!" Newtpelt growled.

"She was my mate" Ashtail said reluctantly. "Until today" he slightly snarled.

5. The revealEdit

Newtpelt looked at his brother blankly. "What do you mean until today?" he asked. Ashtail hesitated then continued, "Hawkstar mated with a new cat and is expecting his kits, not mine."

"That mange-ridden tom!" Newtpelt snarled. "Are you looking for him?" he asked, getting to his paws. He felt stronger after some rabbits and some marigold. "Yes I am" Ashtail said. "You smell that?" asking him.

"Yeah" he said. "Is that scent his?"

"Yes" Ashtail said. "I want my revenge."

"Revenge is a waste of time sometimes" a new voice came from the tree next to them. A ginger tom with amber eyes slid from behind it. Ashtail's eyes widened, then glared. "You..." he growled. The tom just smiled rather evily. "Me? What did I do? Whio are you?" he asked.

"If you want to play with me like a kit with a mouse, that is a not a good idea. I have warrior training, strength. Those are the two things you lack, you rouge want-to-be!" Ashtail growled. The tom attacked, his fangs showing. Ashtail just dodged the lunge and attacked with his claws. His revenge had just begun.

6. The omenEdit

Hawkstar padded across the moonlit moor, her brother and daughter following. The ground was a lot cooler at night. "Mother, are you sure you should be on our first evening patrol? You're expecting kits" Rainspirit asked. "I'm fine Rainspirit" Hawkstar replyed. "It was only a few sunrises before you and your siblings were born that I went to the nursery.", Rainspirit smiled, then she stopped.

"Do you smell that?" she asked.

"Yes I do" Hawkstar said, her nose in the air.

"I can smell it too" Stormtooth said.

"Let's find out what it is" Hawkstar said, then saw smoke rising. "A fire! Quick!" she yelled. The three cats sprinted across the moor to the spot. "Hawkstar, do you see that?" Stormtooth asked his sister, spoting something strange. "Yes I can" she said. Ash swirled in the middle of the fire, then fell after a long moment. Rainspirit then spotted something after it. Amber eyes and fangs covered with blood snarling at them. "You come here you mouse..." Rainspirit leapt towards the fire, but was pulled back by her mother.

"What did I teach you!?" Hawkstar growled angrily, Stormtooth snarling beside her.

"I.. I'm so..." Rainspirit started, but was cut off by her furious mother.

"Get out" she snarled.

"What?" Rainspirit asked.

"Get out" Hawkstar repeated. "Get out of HawkClan."

"But Mother" Rainspirit said.

"I'm no mother to such a mousebrained cat like you. Now leave this clan!" Hawkstar yelled, her anger esculating. Rainspirit reluctantly shuffled away, then turned her head. "One sunrise, you'll think it's a bad idea that you disowned your apprentice" she said, then walked off. Stormtooth shook his head.

"It's not your fault that she's so immature now" he said.

"Yeah, I know, but..." Hawkstar was cut off by a voice that wasn't her brother's. The siblings huddled together as the words spoke, "The ash has found the fire, but the clash will go fire's way as ash will die, the faithful newt will disappear and the fire will start again where the ash started."  The tom then disappeared dwith the smouldering smoke. "What does it mean?' Stormtooth said, then turned to his sister, suprise on both of their faces. "He didn't just..." Stormtooth started.

"I think he did" Hawkstar said, pain in her voice. "And it's all my fault."

7. Fire's wayEdit

Fire gains the upper hand against Ashtail and Hawkstar and Stormtooth tey to find Rainspirit.