This is written by Meerkatpaw.  This is Tigerheart's story of betrayal.

1. ProlougeEdit

Tigerheart watched in distaste at the thing he saw. Dovewing with a new tom. Dovewing!  Tigerheart thought. She knew that him and her would never happen, but her moving on so quickly, why would she do that? That was unknown to Tigerheart. He turned his back on the new couple and headed towards ShadowClan. "Where have you been?" his father and deputy Rowanclaw growled. Even my father is treating me like the dirt in the dirtplace!  Tigerheart thought. 

"Just on a patrol" he said. Rowanclaw narrowed his eyes.

"I never sent you on a patrol. Are you lying to your own father?" he hissed. Fox dung! Tigerheart thought.

"I just went on my own patrol! ThunderClan might be attacking" he said. Rowanclaw rolled his eyes and went into the warriors den. A new voice spoke up. "Are you sure you were on a patrol?" the voice said. Tigerheart turned and saw the massive white tom with black paws stand behind him, a threatining snarl coming from his lips.

2. In troubleEdit

Coming soon.