Welcome cats young, and old, warriors, and kits, queens, and apprentices. I'd like to tell you about the story of the New Clans. It all begins with a young cat named Amy.

Amy, a tiny kittypet, lives in the Twolegplace with her brothers, Randy and Greg. While their mother warns them of the forest beyond the safe boundaries of the fence, the three kits dare to dream of living in the wild, and often stare into the forest, wondering what could be out there. One day, when a mysterious, battered cat appears in their yard, Amy is fascinated by the cat's dying words, and promises to rebuild the lost Clans: FireClan, DarkClan, and MountainClan. Can a tiny she-cat like herself rebuild the greatest the Clans the forest has ever seen, or will she fall to the claws of the destroyers of the Clans?

Note: If I accidentally use any names, whether they be warrior names, or Clan names, I apologize for using your character name or Clan name. I didn't know that they had already been taken, but I hope you don't get too upset about it. Thanks!

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