(Note: This is a fanfiction by Cela08, set within the original Clans but with entirely OCs. It's kind of just a practice fic for fun so it's probably not that good.)

Chapter 1 Edit

The first time Nettlefang died, it was at the claws of one of her own Clanmates.

"Oh no, no, no, no..." Reedfur hissed under his breath. He could catch a scent drifting on the wind, a ShadowClan border patrol. His Clanmates couldn't see him like this - not now! What a bright plan he had, killing Nettlefang in broad daylight where anyone could find him. However, luckily for him, he was by the thunderpath. As long as nobody noticed he slashed her throat instead of her being crushed by a monster, he was fine. After tossing the bloody body in the path of a monster, he hurried to clean up the spot of her death, and wash the scent of her blood off his paws. Her gray fur was almost blending into the thunderpath, with only the bright red of blood highlighting her. He finished just in time, darting off towards camp before the patrol showed up.

"Reedfur, where's 'Nettles?" asked Owltail, Nettlefang's older - but not very mature or attentive - sister. "Didn'tcha ask specifically to go on a hunting patrol with her?"

Reedfur did his best to put on the face of a grief-stricken feline, but inside, he was gloating. "Oh, it's horrible, Owltail... Your sister, Nettlefang, she..."

"She what? Spit it out, mouse-brain!" Owltail snapped.

"She got ran over by a monster while chasing a frog." Reedfur mewed, his mournful tone as fake as they come, but Owltail couldn't tell.

Owltail seemed to take a second to process what he just said. "O-oh, you. Haha, I guess you're still a trickster, I mean, y-you really had me there for a second. Now tell me where 'Nettles is hiding." Her voice was cracking, and her bright yellow eyes were wide with shock.

"It's not a prank. She's dead, Owltail." Reedfur kept up his masquerade of grief, but he was just glad Nettlefang was dead, she was such a thorn in his side!

"Sh-she's... she's..." Owltail could only stammer. "L-like, Nettlefang is real, honest to StarClan d-dead?" She wouldn't even move, her jaw agape with shock and sorrow as Reedfur padded off to alert the leader to Nettlefang's "accident".


Meanwhile, in the ThunderClan nursery, Patchfeather had just given birth to a healthy litter of four kits.

"They're beautiful, Patchfeather!" the medicine cat, Willowwhisker, purred. "I'm sure they'll grow up to be great warriors. Or maybe one of them will be a medicine cat - I still need an apprentice after all!"

"Hm, something's a little strange about this kit," Patchfeather mewed, nudging a soft grey kit who was sleeping soundly. "I'm a calico, and her father's a brown tabby. I wonder why this kit is grey? Oh well, I don't mind a little misfit!"

Willowwhisker let out a chuckle. "So, what will you name them?"

"I'd say Poppykit, Meadowkit, Oakkit, and Nettlekit." Patchfeather then paused for a second. "I don't quite know why I chose that last name, it just occurred to me."

"Well, they all have lovely names." Willowwhisker purred. "They'll all make great additions to the Clan.

And that was where Nettlefang's second life began, and she had many more to come.

Chapter 2 Edit

The second time Nettlefang died, it was a sincere mistake.

As the sun rose into the sky, sunlight shone onto Nettlepaw's face. Opening her wide yellow eyes, she got up and stretched. Today, her mentor, Amberpelt, would teach her some fighting techniques with her siblings there too! However, every night, Nettlekit had nagging dreams about ShadowClan, and felt like she was forgetting something important.


Scampering into the training clearing, Nettlepaw was greeted with the sight of her siblings and their mentors - well, other than Oakpaw's mentor, Stormclaw. He was sick with greencough and was to stay in the medicine den until he recovered, assuming he did.

"Now, remember, we're just training, so keep your claws sheathed." Amberpelt warned. "You don't want to have an emergency trip to Willowwhisker, correct? And besides, your mother would be worried sick!"

The apprentices nodded, though Nettlepaw was barely paying attention, just daydreaming again. Who was Owltail? Who was Reedfur? And why did the thought of Reedfur make her really angry?

"Now, try a back kick!" Blazewing, Meadowpaw's mentor advised to the carefully sparring apprentices, though Nettlepaw continued to sit there and daydream.

Suddenly, Amberpelt interrupted her thoughts. "You know you should be training, right?" he said in a gentle voice.

"Oh, uh- yeah. Sorry, I was just thinking." Nettlepaw was extremely embarrassed by the intrusion on her thoughts.

Then, Oakpaw walked away from practice. "Daydreaming again? You silly furball, if you keep doing that your head will be full of fluff!"

"Oakpaw, hasn't anyone ever told you how rude it is to interrupt someone?" Amberpelt meowed. "But... look, Nettlepaw. I'm starting to think your path may not be that of a warrior, but maybe that of a medicine cat."

"A medicine cat?! But don't they sit around all day and sort herbs?" Nettlepaw asked.

"Actually, they talk to StarClan too, and they have a special connection to them. They're one of the most important members in a Clan." explained Amberpelt. "You say you often have weird dreams of cats you don't recognize, so that's why I think you might fit the part!"

"But I don't want to be a medicine cat!" Nettlepaw protested with distaste.

Amberpelt rolled his eyes. "Just one day, and then if you don't seem right for the job, then it's back to warrior training."

Now it was Nettlepaw's turn to roll her eyes. "Fine, but like you said, just one day."


"Nettlepaw? My apprentice? Sounds fantastic!" Willowwhisker mewed. "However, I have to go fetch more catmint for Stormclaw. Nettlepaw, familiarize yourself with the herbs while I'm gone." With that, Willowwhisker nodded and left, and so did Amberpelt, leaving only Nettlepaw and a sleeping Stormclaw.

Making her way to the herbs, she didn't recognize a single one, though what she did notice was that many of them looked rather tasty. "Maybe she won't mind if I try one..."

One that particularly caught her eye was a bright red berry with a large seed. Eating one, she thought it was rather tasty, seed and all. And then she ate a couple more. Then, very quickly, she realized there was something very, very wrong.

That's also when she remembered Nettlefang and everything her past life experienced. Remembering how, as a kit, she was strictly told to stay far, far away from deathberries, because they could quickly kill a cat.

When Willowwhisker came back, she found a corpse and a couple half-eaten deathberries.


"This is pointless." a silver tabby hissed, stars glimmering in her fur. "Six moons wasted just for her to gorge on deathberries. Why are we putting Nettlefang through a revival loop?"

"Shinepelt, please calm down. I know you're upset because she can't be up in StarClan with us for now, but we both know Nettlefang shouldn't have died." A somewhat large and powerful tortoiseshell she mewed. "Besides, I don't intend to stop the loop until Reedfur is brought to justice."

Shinepelt sighed. "Why can't we just be a family? And relax with our daughter too, y'know. Speckletail, I know you're the most stubborn cat in all of Silverpelt, but can you just listen to my suggestions for once?" No reply from Speckletail. "I thought so." mewed Shinepelt sadly.