Founders Airstar, Mouseface, Windflight, Harrypelt, Longpelt, Dayfur and Nightfur
Current Stats
Current Leader Fangstar
Current Deputy Swiftwing
Current Medicine Cat Snowfrost

AirClan was the third clan to form by the twolegs camp site. The were formed by kittypets and allycats as well as shalther cats and an ex-warrior. AirClan is the biggest clan at the moment.


Airstar was leader till he died. Now Rainstar became the leader after him and remained so for many moons. She succumbed to a snake bite leaving her deputy Fangstar as the new leader.


Pineclaw was the first deputy till his death. Then Rainfur, Airstar's daughter, became the next deputy and later the new leader. Rainstar made her best friend Fangtooth deputy. When Fangtooth rose to leader, she named Swiftwing deputy.

Medicine Cat

Mousefur was the first Medicine Cat. His apprentice Oakleaf became the next the Medicine Cat. He died from disease while healing his Clan and his apprentice Snowfrost took his place.

AirClan Warriors

Leader: Fangstar – a silver and white she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Swiftwing – a mottle grey she-cat with yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Snowfrost – a sleek white she-cat

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Windstorm– a fluffy grey she-cat Apprentice Frostpaw

Cloudthunder –a white she-cat Apprentice Blackpaw

Silversnow – a silver she-cat Apprentice Skypaw

Greylight – a grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Bluestorm – a blue grey tom

Crowdust – a black tom with yellow eyes

Stormthunder – a long haired black a dog (Chihuaha) that adopted into the Clan Aprrentice Whitepaw

Addertooth – a ginger tabby tom Apprentice Barkpaw

Hawkclaw – a ginger she-cat

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors) Skypaw – a silver and white tabby tom Mentor Silversnow

Frostpaw – a grey she-cat Mentor Mentor Windstorm

Blackpaw – A golden tabby tom Mentor Cloudthunder

Whitepaw – a golden tabby she-cat Mentor Stormthunder

Barkpaw – a tabby tom Mentor Addertooth

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Youngheart – a grey she-cat (Mother of Finchkit and Ravenkit)

Clinkyfoot – A white and grey she-cat (Mother of Racoonkit, Sparrowkit and Larkkit)

Moonlight – a light yellow she-cat (Expecting Kits)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Acorntail – a tan and ginger tom with green eyes Oldest Cat in AirClan

Falconclaw– a grey tom with a dark stripe down back and white paws and underside

Breezepelt – a tabby she-cat with hazel eyes

Faststep – a tabby tom with black stripes

Foxwhisker – a ginger she-cat with a white chest

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Finchkit – A silver and white she-cat

Ravenkit – a blacka nd white she-cat

Raccoonkit – a mottled black tom

Sparrowkit – A black and white tom

Larkkit – A tan tabby tom

All Known Members

All members born or join AirClan.


Airstar – a fluffy ginger tom with blue eyes, former leader, now in SpiritClan

Mouseface – a marbled grey and black tom with yellow eyes, Former Medicine Cat, now in SpiritClan

Pineclaw – a grey and black tom with white paws and chest, former deputy now in SpiritClan

Longpelt – a tan long hair tom, now in SpiritClan

Windflight – a once black and white she-cat now she is grey and white, now in SpiritClan

Rainstar – a black and white she-cat with gold amber eyes, Former Leader, now in SpiritClan

Oakleaf – a big brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws, Former Medicine Cat, now in SpiritClan

Squirreltail – a beige she-cat with a fluffy tail, Now in SpiritClan

Ratear – black and brown tom with rust eyes, Now in SpiritClan

Dovetail – a small white she-cat with blue eyes, Now in SpiritClan

Buckleaf – a brown tom with a main, Now in SpiritClan

Badgerclaw – a tortoiseshell tom, Now in SpiritClan

Timberfall – a mottled black and white tom, Now in SpiritClan

Mossdrop – a black, grey and white mottle tom, Now in SpiritClan

Mangofur – a light ginger she-cat, now in SpiritClan

Owlheart – a big grey tom, former oldest cat in AirClan, Now in SpiritClan


AirClan's first rivals were WaterClan. They didn't fight much with EarthClan. Then FireClan moved next to them and became their new rivals.


AirClan lives in the hills and valleys by the twolegs camp site. They have the strawberry fields in their territory but they don't hunt there. Their camp is on one side of a hill that slopes down to a small river. The Leader's den is in a broken rock over. The Medicine Cat's den is in a hallow tree. The warriors' den in under an over rang of rocks. The apprentices' den is a bramble bush and the nursery is a hallow in the side of the hill covers by bramble.

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