Amberfeather belongs to Malice the NightWing. She is the medicine cat of DragonClan.Template:Warrior cat character infobox

Appearance Edit

Amberfeather is a small, pretty, long-furred she-cat. Her fur is a rich, golden fiery shade of amber. Her eyes are two different colors- her left eye is green, and her right eye is blue.

Personality Edit

Amberfeather is friendly and easygoing. She's introverted, but does enjoy other's company sometimes.

She's very emotionally guarded, and hates confiding in people. She is logical and generally strives for knowledge and logic.

History Edit

Amberfeather became a medicine cat apprentice to Sparrowflight. She studied with him for a long time until he was captured by Twolegs and was never heard from again.

When Sparrowflight was captured, Amberfeather took over as medicine cat. At that moment DragonClan was in a war with PhoenixClan, and the clan almost dissolved into chaos with Sparrowflight's death.

However, Amberfeather was able to pull the clan back together, and was the first medicine cat to actively fight in the war as well as being medicine cat.

She is very good friends with Wolfstar, the Clan leader. After the war, she had Emeraldgryphon as an apprentice.

She had one son, Vinetail, when she was 5. Her mate is unknown. She was not very close with Vinetail, but she loved him, and Vinetail cared for her, too.

She served as the medicine cat until she was 8, when Shadowclaws started his quest for domination. Amberfeather was the first cat murdered by him.

When she died, Emeraldgryphon became the next medicine cat. Vinetail ended up killing Shadowclaws, avenging his mother's death.