AppleClan is a clan that was founded by a rouges and former WindClan cats.

Apple, Dovefur, Raccoonclaw, Barkfoot, Dawnleaf, and Pouncefoot.
Apple, Waterstar, Graystar, Barkstar, Dewstar.
Watershine, Flowerwind, Grayclaw, Barktail, Dewwhisker, Weedpelt.
Medicine Cats
Barkfoot, Squirrelleap, Icefur, Featherdusk.
Current Leader
Current Deputy
Current Medicine Cat


AppleClan was founded when a rouge named Apple wandered into WindClan terratory. He fell in love with a WindClan warrior named Dovefur and decited to join the clan, but no one trusted him and he was chased off, but Dovefur went with him. Dovefur was fallowed by her brother Barkfoot, and her friend, Raccoonclaw. They came across a meadow where they two rouges named Dawn and Pounce. They all decited to form a new clan and Apple's name was lent to it and he became their leader. now everyone remembers apple truly.

Current MembersEdit


Dewstar- large ginger tom with amber eyes.


Weedpelt- black and white tom with brown eyes.

Medicine CatEdit

Featherdusk- dark brown long-haired she-cat with blue eyes.


Tigertail-dark brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Poppystem- torticeshell she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice- Petalpaw

Oakblaze- light brown tom with yellow eyes. Apprentic- Raggedpaw

Sunflame- bright orange tom with amber eyes.


Petalpaw- white she-cat with golden patches and yellow eyes.

Raggedpaw- black tom with green eyes.


Dawnbreeze- pale gray she-cat with ice blue eyes. Kits- Turtlekit, Darkkit, Lavenderkit. Mate- Tigertail.

Brownfur- dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Kits- Grousekit, Silverkit, Sharpkit. Mate- Dewstar.


Whiskertail- white tom with gray eyes.

Yellowflower- golden tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Moon- black she-cat with green eyes.

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