Aquabreeze Mountianclan
Aquabreeze is curently a warrior of MountianClan. She is a white she-cat with pale gray patches and blue eyes.





Brothers-Oakleaf, Smokefur

Foster Mother-Mountianstar


Aquabreeze, Oakleaf, Smokefur, and Snowstar were born as rouges and there parrents abandoned then when they were six moons old. At this time there names were Aqua, Snow, Oak, and Smoke. After her parrents abandon her Aqua and her siblings wonder off to the top of a mountian were they meet a lonner named Mountian who mothers them. When they grow up, they, Mountian and some other loners start MountainClan. Mountian then becomes Mountainstar and chooses Snowheart to be deputy who later becomes Snowstar. Aquabreeze is now a warrior of MountianClan and the mentor of Tabbypaw.