"We are BayClan.  We are Smart, Stealthy, and Swift.  We can beat MeadowClan!  We can defend our territory!"-- 
Cougarstar during Clan War!!
Founders Baystar,Thunderpelt,Treepelt,Whitehook, Redshell,Maplebreeze
Current Stats
Current Leader Spottedstar
Current Deputy Cheetahspots
Current Medicine Cat Dustyleap

BayClan is one of the 14 new clans along with MythicalClan, LightClan, WoodsClan, SummitClan, MeadowClan, ElectricClan, CometClan, OutClan, GoldClan, CheetahClan, MidnightClan, VenusClan and TimberClan. 


BayClan was the first Clan to form on Catface Island.  Baypaw was the first to 

Known MembersEdit

Leader: Whitestar-long-haired white tom.  Great-grandson of Whitestorm

Deputy: Lightpelt-pale tom with a gray snout and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Whitefur- a white she-cat with yellow eyes(Apperentice:Airpaw)

Warriors: Milclaw-golden tom with tiny black dots(Apperentice:Blackpaw)

Bluestorm-blue-gray she-cat with a white spot.  Great-granddaughter of Bluestar

Thunderstripe-cream she-cat with a dark stripe and blue eyes(Apperentice: Lightningpaw)

Icetail-gleaming white tom with amber eyes(Apperentice:Silverpaw)

Lavastorm-ginger tom with a white tail and blue eyes(Apperentice: Magmapaw)

Clawfang-gay tom with light-green eyes

Yellowface-dark brown she-cat with a cream snout

Tigerstripe-Dark orange tom with thick, black stripes(Apperentice:Patchpaw)

Grayflash-white she-cat with dark gray stripes(Apperentice:Forestpaw)

Spottedflash- a brown tom with gray spots

Cheetahspots-pale tom with small black spots

Lynxclaw-a cream she-cat with long ears and a short tail

Venommist:golden tom with a white tail and venom-green eyes

Queens:Peachtail-a beautiful pale she-cat(Expecting kits)

Dustclaw-dusty-brown she-cat with green eyes(Mother of Brownkit, Mosskit, and Roosterkit)

Apperentices: Magmapaw-ginger she-cat with rare white stripes

Lightningpaw-golden colored tom with a white tail

Patchpaw-cute tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes

Blackpaw-completely black tom with green eyes

Airpaw:White she-cat with gray spots 

Forestpaw-black tom with a white tail

Silverpaw-sleek silver she-cat with green eyes

Elders:Marbletail-a beautiful white she-cat with black AND ginger spots

Ripear-a small brown tom with only one ear

Cloudfrost-white tom with green eyes and a brown tail

Paleshell-a peach colered tabby she-cat.  The oldest cat in BayClan

Cougarstreak- cougar-colored tom with ginger paws and tail.  He has a white snout.

Appleheart-brown tom with a white tail.Former Medicine cat

Deceased MembersEdit

Name and Appearence:                                   Cause of Death                               Residence

Baystar-slender ginger she-cat with amber eyes-    Heart Attack                                   SoulClan

Thunderstar-gray tom with yellow eyes-                 Wounds                                          SoulClan

Treepelt-a small brown she-cat with white paws-    Earthquake                                      LifeClan

Dusttail-Brown tom with a white tail-                     Killed by dogs                                  LifeClan

Whitehook-white tom with a green and a blue eye- Old age                                          SoulClan

Redshell-white she-cat with a ginger back-             Killed by rouges                              VoidClan

Maplebreeze-tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes- Greencough                                  LifeClan

Amberfoot-ginger tom with golden paws and blue eyes- Killed by Whiteflame                 VoidClan

Whiteflame-long-haired white tom with a gray snout- Killed by Wrenstar                         SoulClan                     

Rosyclaw-cute ginger she-cat with a white tail and paws- Diabetes                                LifeClan

Blackflash-completely black tom

Snowstreak-completely white she-cat

Redstripe-white tom with a ginger stripe


Though we usually catch voles, mice, chipmunks, and birds, living by a bay means we sometimes catch crabs, seagull eggs, and fish.


Our territory span through some woods and a little cluster of trees in an open field(where our camp is) to a huge canyon and a bay.


Our main rivals are MeadowClan although since we share the woods with WoodsClan we sometimes wander too far and run into a WoodsClan patrol. However, we are close friends with LightClan and CometClan.

BayClan Camp

Map of BayClan


Cougarstar BayClan



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