Berrycloud is a large, ginger tabby tom, with brilliant blue eyes.

Berrycloud ThunderClan
Clan(s) Starclan, Thunderclan
Gender Tom
Rank Medicine Cat
Basic Info
Parents Dawnheart and Blacknose
Litter-Mate(s) Oakclaw
Mentor(s) Firspeckle ( Formerly ), Beetletail
Apprentice(s) Flowerpaw, Bluepaw ( Bluetail )
Death Killed in rock fall
Post-Death Starclan
Alive Books Timberstar's Past, Hollywind's Choice, Berrycloud's Destiny.
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Berrykit

Apprentice: Berrypaw

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Berrypaw

Medicine Cat: Berrycloud

Starclan Resident: Berrycloud

Trivia Edit

  • Berrycloud was a gifted healer from birth, knowing almost all of the herbs by apprentice hood. Though he was a warrior apprentice first.