Chapter 1Edit

Brightkit opened his eyes to the morning sun and his mother, Featherwhisker, softly nudging him. "Wake up, Brightkit. Wake up," Featherwhisker insisted. Brightkit mewed in protest, but to no avail. Featherwhisker simply smiled and helped him up. "Lazy kits like you don't get any breakfast, Brightkit," his mother purred.

Brightkit looked around, but did not see his brother, Darkkit. "Where's Darkkit, momma?" Brightkit asked. His mother purred again and said "Eating your breakfast if you don't hurry." Brightkit quickly clambered out of the hole and ran towards Darkkit, who was finishing his own breakfast and was about to start on Brightkit's when Brightkit slid in and started wolfing down his breakfast.

"Not so fast, Brightkit! You'll get a bellyache!" It was Bittertooth, a respected warrior who was very nice to all the kits. "Darkkit will eat my breakfast if I don't!" Brightkit protested. When he looked back, Darkkit had snuck a bite of Brightkit's mouse and was chewing it while smiling innocently. Bittertooth just laughed. Brightkit started slowly scooting his mouse away from Darkkit, then bolted down into the nursery and ate there. When Darkkit poked in and asked "Is there anything I can have?", Brightkit walked up to Darkkit and burped in his face.