"Being a medicine cat takes more than just knowledge in how to help other cats in need,

I does also require the ability to see another cat die."



age=Approx. 42 Moons (4.2 years)

namest = Kit:Blackkit Apprentice:Blackpaw Medicine Cat:Blackfern

family =Father:Unknown Mother:Unknown

mentor = Unknown she cat

apps = None

precededby = Unknown she cat

succeededby = None

position = Medicine Cat

Blackfern is a medium sized, dark, smokey, grey and black she-cat with big sharp forestgreen eyes, very soft fur, small paws and a long bushy tail.


In the time of no leaf Blackkit was born, as the only kit in her litter she was very lonely and was often found at the medicine cats den, looking at the other kits or visiting the elders. When Blackkit became old enough she got choose as the medicine cats apprentice, she then got the name Blackpaw and started training, only after a little training Blackpaw showed to be an excellent medicine cat and was very good at communicating with her ancestors even better than her mentor, her mentor soon began taking her training to a higher level. After a long time with training she became so good that her mentor decided to make her a medicine cat and the ritual found its place after that Blackpaw now became know as Blaackfern, but soon afterwards her mentor died of old age and the young medicine cat needed to take her place, after that she often had dreams about her mentor visiting her in her dreams and telling her things about the future of the clans.

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