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Blackkit was born to FrostClan, however his parents were unknown. He was raised to think NightClan was his sworn enemy. He would play with the other kits but because his eyes were such a cold color of blue, the other kits feared him.


Blackpaw became Coldstar's apprentice. He was trained hard. Blackpaw would tell Coldstar that he would do anything for Coldstar, and Coldstar loved it. Blackpaw would train for hours on end, trying new attacks, different angles of speed. He impressed Coldstar so much that he was the youngest warrior in FrostClan.


Blackfeather set himself up in FrostClan as a warrior with no soul. He made most others fear him. His eyes blue eyes were like locks on every FrostClan cat. One day Coldstar, his former mentor and idle, is killed by Burnedheart. Blackfeather returns to FrostClan almost heart broken. A few moons later, Coldstar's evil soul appears in Blackfeather's dreams. He is told by Coldstar to gather warriors and kill NightClan. He did as he was told and started for NightClan. However when he met up with the young NightClan warrior Rosefang, he found himself in love with an enemy cat. He turned the attack away and met with her every gathering and any other chance he could. Rosefang made him so happy that his eyes warmed to a misty blue and Coldstar's dark plan fails. He and Rosefang became mates and they spoke of kits. He was very happy but lost his happiness when he learned from Rosefang that Burnedstar had left NightClan and Stormheart had died. He told her to be safe and left her. He held the love they had shared close to his heart, wishing one day we would met Rosefang once again.