Blackjaw FireClan
Clan(s) ThunderClan and FireClan
Basic Info
Parents Mistyfur and Lizardfur
Litter-Mate(s) Finchstar and Grassfur
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Storkwing
Apprentice(s) Clovertail, Blue-Eye and Silverfang


Blackjaw was born a kitten by Blackkit. He was the smallest of his litter. His mother was a female named Mistyfur and his father was Lizardfur. His litter-mates were Finchkit and Grasskit. Two moons before Bunnytail gave birth to Crimsonkit and Softkit. They survived to six moons old. He became friends with Crimsonkit but he became an apprentice before Blackkit.


Blackpaw got the mentor named Storkwing. He was an old warrior and would retire after Blackpaw. Blackpaw trained with Crimsonpaw. Softpaw became the medicine cats appentice Darkfur. She became Solfheart, medince cat apprentices get their name before warrior apprentices. Finchpaw and Grasspaw also trained with Blackpaw. Finchpaw's mentor was Lizardfur who was also goign to retired soon. Grasspaw's mentor was Mudfoot. Crimsonpaw and Blackpaw soon became warriors.


Blackpaw became Blackjaw sinc his low jaw was black. Crimsonpaw bcame Crimsonstreak, Finchpaw became Finchtail and Grasspaw became Grassfur. Storkwing retired. Blackjaw was a warrior for a few moons then he got his first apprentice name Cloverpaw. Crimsonstreak got Badgerpaw her brother. Finchtail got Breezepaw and her sister Grassfur got a cat named Poppypaw. Crimsonstreak trained his apprentice with Blackjaw often. They cats were the perfect apprentices for new mentors. Soon they became warriors. Cloverpaw became Clovertail. Badgerpaw was now Badgerpelt. Poppypaw was Poppyflower and Breezepaw was Breezeflower. Blackjaw got a new apprentice named Bluepaw. Crimsonstreak got a new apprentice named Darkpaw while Breezeflower got an apprentice named Wildpaw who was Grassfur's daughter. Bluepaw was a calm thoughtful apprentice while Wildpaw and Darkpaw were on the other spetrum. All three were soon warriors in six moons. Darkpaw bcame Darkstreak, Bluepaw became Blue-Eye and Wildpaw became Wild One.Crimsonstreak and Breezeflower had one kit named Rustkit. Clovertail, Blackjaw's former apprentice had two kits named Silverkit andd Goldenkit. After a fox attacked the nursry Blackjaw attacked it and drove it off with Crimsonstreak, Bargerpelt, Finchtail and Darkstreak.Breezeflower was badly injured and died. Clovertail took care of Rustkit. When the kit grew to be six moons old Silverkit became Silverpaw and her mentor was Blackjaw. During this time Smokestar the leader died of old age. Storkwing who was deptuy died only the day before. Mudfoot became Mudstar and Bargerpelt became his deptuy. Mudstar had Badgerpelt killed and Lizardfur who was retired take his place. Lizardfur, Clovertail and Grassfur all died in battle against ofter clans Mudstar ordered. Finchtail became deputy and Silverpaw was now Silverfang, Goldenpaw was Goldenheart and Rustpaw was Rustclaw. Crimsonstreak and a few other left including Rustclaw, Silverfang and Poppyflower who was expecting kits. Blackjaw refused to leave till he over threw Mudstar but he was driven out by Mudstar's fellowers. He joined Crimsonstreak.


After wandering in the human nest. They came across a campsite and settle down. Crimsonstreak became leader was was named Crimsonstar. Blackjaw was made deputy of FireClan. Darkstreak, Nightclaw, Blue-Eye, Robbinpaw and Snakepaw joined the small clan. Darkstreak told them that Mudstar was driven out by Finchtail, Goldrenheart and the other warriors. Ficnstar was leader and Goldenheart was deputy. Blackjaw is still in FireClan and is deptuy.


Mother: Mistyfur

Father: Lizardfur

Sister: Finchstar

Brother: Grassfur

Nephew: Mintpelt

Neices: Wild One and Pikefoot



Crimsonstar FireClan

Silverfang FireClan

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