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The two queens howled in pain. They were sister, birthing to kits at the same time. The two medicine cats rushed into the nursery to help the two. "Here, bite this stick, Dawnwater. It will help." Said Mosswind, the medicine cat. "Here take a stick to, Lilyshine." Said Mudberry, the other medicine cat. Dawnwater and Lilyshine both bit down on the sticks. Dawnwater screeched. "It's a She-kit." Mosswind said. Lilyshine screeched. "She-kit." Mudberry said. Dawnflower bit down again. "Another She-kit." Then Lilyshine. "Another She-kit."

"They're beutiful." Dawnwater said to her mate, Ashstar. Lilyshine looked to her mate, the deputy, Lionflame. "That one has your fur." Lilyshine said, pointing to the gold kit. Dawnwater said, "This kit will be Blackkit." Dawnwater started licking her kits. Lilyshine did the same. "This one will be Willowkit." He said to the lighter furred kit.

"This kit will be Sunkit." Lilywater named the gold kit. "And this kit will be Ivykit." Lionflame said. The medicine cats then left the nursery.

"The prophecy..." Mudberry murmered. "It has come true." His memory flashed.

What... whats going on?

You are dreaming, Mudpaw.

Are.. are you a StarClan cat?

Yes, I am Maplebreeze.

Why have you come to visit me? I am just an apprentice.

Mudpaw, only you will know. Your Clans future depends on this dream.


Maplebreezes eyes started glowing white.

There shall be four

Who will endure

The detiny layed in the stars before them.

A time of darkness is coming

That only they can stop.

Because they hold the secrets of the stars.

Chapter 1: The DreamEdit