Founders Blazepelt Flamestorm, Mapplepelt, Pinkflower, Thistletail, Darkfur, Stonepelt, Skyfoot, Fintail, Splashtail, Peddlefoot, Engleclaw, Coldpelt and Birdwing
Current Stats
Current Leader Blazestar
Current Deputy Flamestorm
Current Medicine Cat Gingerfoot

BlazeClan was formed by a group of intermixed Clan warriors, streys and kittypets. They cats located a home in Yellowstone National Park and settled down into four different Clans. BlazeClan was named after the leader Blazestar. This Clan is new like the others and has been growing due to the newest litters.


A young fire colored tom named Blazepelt became leader and took the name Blazestar.


Blazestar choose an old wise warrior named Flamestorm to be his first Deputy.

Medicine Cat

Mapplepelt trained under an retired Medicine Cat while on the journey to find a new home. She became the BlazeClan's healer.

BlazeClan Current Members

Leader: Blazestar – fiery orange fur with a spirit to match

Deputy: Flamestorm – an old orange tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Gingerfoot – bright orange she-cat with amber eyes and white paws and chest

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Darkfur – a dark brown tom with one yellow eye, brother of Dustfur

Dustfur – a dusty brown she-cat, sister of Darkfur

Skyfoot – a white tom with grey spots and yellow eyes

Fintail – a long hair brown mottled she-cat with a white chest and paws

Scorchpelt – brown tabby with a dark brown steak on the back and bright red orange eyes

Silvertail – a sleek silver white she-cat with blue eyes Apprentice Daisypaw

Hazelfur – a long haired hazel golden cat with grey eyes Apprentice Bolderpaw

Bluewhisker – light blue grey long-haired she-cat with green eyes

Ravenclaw – black tom with white chest and paws Apprentice Shadepaw

Mosspelt – a silver blue tom with green eyes Appretice Flutterpaw

Dewpelt – a yellow long-hair tom with bright blue eyes

Brightpatch – a small calico she-cat

Blackflame – a black tom with yellow eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Daisypaw – a brown tabby she-cat Mentor Silvertail

Shadepaw – a a sleek black and white tom Mentor Shadepaw

Boulderpaw – a brown tabby tom Mentor Hazelfur

Flutterpaw – a yellow tom Mentor Mosspelt

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Pinkflower – a grey and white she-cat with bright pink nose (Mother of Featherkit and Whiskerkit)

Rosetail – a russet she-cat with green eyes (Mother of Midnightkit and Moonkit)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Engleclaw – An old but beautiful yellow brown she-cat

Coldpelt – an old tom with fur that fades from black to grey to white, oldest BlazeClan cat

Birdwing – a black she-cat with yellow eyes, has an injured back leg

Thistletail – a sandy brown tom with dark stripes and green eyes

Stonepelt – a grey tom with a white underside and green eyes

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Featherkit – a fluffy grey she-cat

Whiskerkit – a grey and white tom

Midnightkit – a pure black she-cat

Moonkit – a silver tom

All Known Members

A list of Warriors who have gone to SpiritClan

Mapplepelt – a dark grey and black she-cat, former Medicine Cat


BlazeClan's main rivals are EchoClan. Thier other rivals are ForestClan and StormClan


BlazeClan lives in a pine forest and near the hot waters. They also has a river and lake in their territory.

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