Blazestar BlazeClan
Clan(s) ThunderClan, StormClan and BlazeClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Fintail
Children Scrochpaw, Silverpaw and Hazelpaw
Mentor(s) Firestar, Greystripe and Jaggedstar
Apprentice(s) None


Blazestar wasn't born in the wild but as a kittypet. He was named Kyo. He lived in a big house with two human kits. He finally got tired of his life and explored the forest where he discovered the forest cats.


He left and joined ThunderClan briefly to train as a warrior. He was given the name Blazepaw and trained under Firestar and Graystripe. After BloodClan attacked a fled, Blazepaw decided to form a new Clan with the ex-BloodClan members who were willing. He joined Jaggedtooth who was the leader of the group. He told Firestar and Graystripe he would turn them into fine warriors that StarClan could be proud of and with that he left with the rouges and ex-BloodClan cats. They were soon joined by kittypets one was his friend who was named Finpaw since she loved water. Blazepaw helped mentor her in a way. Soon he was named Blazepelt.


Blazepelt met and lost Clan members along the way. These cats were captured by humans and made to live as kittypets. Jaggedtooth welcomed them since they knew the Warrior Code and could help mentor the new cats and protect them while they were training. The group located a new territory in the Land of Fire (Yellowstone National Park). The group members split up into small groups and formed new Clans. Blazepelt at first helped form StormClan along with Jaggedtooth. Then Blazepelt left Jaggedtooth to help a small group of cats that was lost without a strong leader. He located them to a territory where the upside down waterfall flew into the sky. He got the cats back on their paws and the Clan started to shape up. Blazepelt was chosen to be leader of this new Clan by the cats. Jaggedtooth told him that StarClan had a plan for him and that he should be leader. Blazepelt accepted and he left with the other chosen leaders, Jaggedtooth, Flowerpelt and Lightenclaw. They located a petrified tree called the Moontree. Blazepelt was given the name Blazestar. He choose Flamepelt, an ex-clan cat and former kittypet, as his deputy. He became mates with Fintail and together they had three kits named Scorchpaw, Silverpaw and Hazelpaw. Blazestar is still leader of BlazeClan which was named after himself by the other cats.




Jaggedstar ShadowClan

Fintail IvoryClan

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