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Founders Scourge, Bones, Bricks and other cats
Current Stats
Current Leader Bloodtstar
Current Deputy Mangepelt
Current Medicine Cat Duskfeather

BloodClan was formed by ally cats and ex-kittypets. Scourge became the infumous leader with Bones his right-hand man. BloodClan grew in numbers and became bigger then ThunderClan and WindClan combined. After the fall of Scougre and the death of Bones, BloodClan fell apart and many cats left to form new ones. The Clan was down to only seven members. Blood roose to power and brought the Clan back to life.


Scourge the the first leader and after his death and his daughter Blood took over and became Bloodstar.


Bones was deputy when Scourge was alive. Mangepelt is deputy.

Medicine CatEdit

They never had a medicine cat when Scourge was alive. Duskfeather became medicine cat but they call him healer.

Current MembersEdit

Leader: Bloodstar – a sleek dark rust color she-cat

Deputy: Mangepelt – a scruffy black she-cat with a blue eye, *lost the other* Apprentice Biltongpaw

Medicine Cat: Duskfeather– a big brown tabby tom Apprentice Tequillapaw

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Mudfoot – a long-haired bown tabby tom with amber eyes Apprentice Whiskypaw

Branyfur – a scruffy rust colored she-cat

Dirtface – a borwn tabby tom Apprentice Stormpaw

Icejumper – a black and white tom

Snakehoot – a black and white tom

Mintswirl – a long-haired silver she-cat

Spikeclaw– a long-haired silver tom

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Stormpaw – a mottle grey she-cat Mentor Dirtface

Tequillapaw – a small yellow she-cat Mentor Duskfeather

Biltongpaw – a long-hair brown tom Mentor Mangepelt

Whiskypaw – a black and white tom Mentor Mudfoot

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Screechfang – a sleek beige she-cat with blue eyes (Mother of Mother of Jetkit and Infornokit)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Patchyfur – an old tan tom with patched fur

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Jetkit – a pure black she-cat

Infornokit – a fluffy she-cat with ginger and black patches

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