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BloodClan Collar

BLOODCLAN WAS ORIGINATED by former unhappy kittypets. Many of them were pleased that the once but collapsed and forgotten clan had returned, but others were not so satisfied with this sudden change. The unhappy kittypets went with full resentment on the BloodClan and turned on their fellow friends. But why? This question still remains to this very day, here in the paws of both BloodClan and now, TwistedClan.

After the battle had occurred, nobody held loyalty. The clan was dull, crumbling just like its previous days. Until, several felines gathered up and spilled their despairing feelings about the clan. After they all shared how they felt, they thought the right choice to make was to leave BloodClan. Eventually, that is what they did.

After they left, they truly despised BloodClan. To get all of their hatred out, they created a fairly new clan that took the title of TwistedClan. They created TwistedClan to get back at their old chaotic home. This new clan was full of complete hostility.

Why did they hate their previous clan so much?

Why did they want to get back at them?

Why are they still full of hatred?

All to this day, these questions remain.

Will you be the one to take this quest and answer all of these unknown questions?




Enlightenment Friday, June 22, 2018
Originator Zodiacwolves
Member Count 1/25
Species Felines
Orientation Neutrally Dark
Bloodclan icon by starsightsw2007

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Characters–– Although we are bloodthirsty, we don't engage in battle if it isn't brought to our attention. We tend to be sarcastic to ignorant comments, and are definitely serious felines. BloodClanners do not regret a word that comes out from their mouths.

Prey–– Normally we like to munch on amphibians and smaller rodents such as frogs, lizards, voles and mice.

Predators–– Dogs, twolegs, and rats are a threat to our well beings.

Today's Weather–– 61% of humidity; 40% chance of precipitation; 18 mph winds.




I. Activity

BloodClan will not tolerate members who do not participate at all in the group. If you are away on vacation, you must notify the higher hierarchy (such as the leader, deputy and/or co-deputy) or you will be accused of inactivity for an unknown reason. If this does happen, it will be your fault for not notifying the higher hierarchy.

II. Anatomy and Latin

Both Anatomy and Latin are strictly forbidden languages from BloodClan. You may use Traditional and slight Vocabulary for roleplay only. Anatomy is just useless, and it only tries helping you prove that you're somewhat "advanced". Latin is an abandoned language and you have no knowledgeable nor reason to be speaking it on a digital game.

III. Characters

You may have two original character here and that is that. It gets too confusing for everyone to have more than one character at a time. If you'd like to end your character and make a new one, inform the leader and get their permission. But you cannot change your character every week. Please limit it to around two months before changing your character again. And please, keep in mind that everyone's prefix should be unique in their own way. We will not allow people that have the same prefix as others. Prefixes not to be used in BloodClan are: Star, Moon, Soul and Blood. Name(s) not to be used are: Silverpelt and Scourge.

IV. Commenting

Do not start up spamming and unnecessary drama on our page. It is not appreciated, for we do not want to waste our time reporting to moderators about hate, neither replying back to useless drama and attitude. Please keep this in mind before commenting. BloodClan appreciates constructive criticism.

V. Double User

Double User is a serious offense and we will not tolerate it. If you are caught doing this awful action, you will be immediately exiled and asked to leave our page. We will not take pity excuses such as your sibling was playing on your account and they signed up for the group.

VI. Leaving

When you leave once, you can come back but we will be more harsh on you. Though if you do leave again, we will definitely not welcome you back. Being exiled is a completely different story different, you can never return to BloodClan if you are exiled.

VII. Mary Sues and Power Players

Power playing is basically where you say, "No miss!" or "No nothing!" which gives you the power to do whatever you wish. Mary Sue is very similar to power playing, though this also includes for your character to have unrealistic pelts such as neon colors. We will not tolerate these types of roleplay actions at all. If this somehow does happen and we have to ask you multiple times to stop, we will punish you.

VIII. Respect

You should be able to understand this rule. You should respect everyone in BloodClan, especially the higher ranks in our hierarchy which are the most powerful. This rule is very simple to follow, as long as your character and yourself are able to cooperate with others.

IX. Seriousness

Yes, we understand everyone likes to have some fun; and if the higher ranks in the hierarchy are joking around then feel free to join in. But if they decide to put the silliness to an end, that is when enough is enough.

X. The Code

Make sure you are able to follow the Warrior Code during roleplay. If you do not remember the code, you can refresh your memory by simply clicking here.




I. Leader

The leader is the superior cat of the clan, managing every bit of it. Worthy of being granted nine lives by Dark Forest, the leader commands everyone taking part in BloodClan. If they are disrespected in any sort of way, then it will lead to serious punishments. There can only be one leader that runs this clan, and they are not to be challenged.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
Riot Zodiacwolves Male Red collar with 17 teeth, brother to Rampage and Rage. Slim white cat with bright orange eyes.

II. Deputy

The deputy is the second in command throughout the entire clan, and they assist the leader in making important life decisions. They help the leader by organizing patrols and have authority over everyone besides the leader themselves. There can only be one deputy, and they may not be challenged.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
Rage TBA Female Pink collar with 12 teeth, sister to Rampage and Riot. Slender tan-colored she-cat with amber eyes.

III. Co-deputy

The co-deputy is a step below your average deputy, although they have more authority than the senior warriors. When the deputy is nowhere in sight, the co deputy will take their place and assist the leader. There can only be one co-deputy, and they are unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
Rampage TBA Male Green collar with 15 teeth, brother to Riot and Rage. Large dark grey tom with dull green eyes.

IV. Medicine Cat

The medicine cat is the healer of the clan, they keep the clan alive and healthy. They also have the closest relationship to Dark Forest, which causes them to be the most spiritual cat within the clan. Usually they receive messages and prophecies from StarClan, then report it to the leader. They are supposed to be given high amounts of respect, and as of now there can only be two medicine cats that make the rank unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

V. Medicine Cat Apprentice

The medicine cat apprentice is the future medicine cat in training. They assist the medicine cat by keeping the entire clan alive and healthy. They are the second most spiritual cat throughout the entire clan, due to them being very close with Dark Forest. This cat will step up to the rank of the medicine cat once they have died or retired, or even when their mentor thinks they are eligible enough for the rank. There can only be two medicine cat apprentices, and they are not to be challenged.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

VI. Senior Warriors

The senior warriors are a step ahead of a normal warrior. They have received this rank because of their skill and knowledge. Usually, the leader will pick one senior warrior to be their co deputy or even deputy, although this is still possible for this to happen to a normal warrior. There can only be five senior warriors at a time, and every so often they can indeed be challenged.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

VII. Warriors

The warriors of the clan are cats trained in the arts of fighting and hunting. Warriors make up the bulk of the clan, and provide them with protection and food supply that keeps it safe and well-fed. Typically, a cat is made a warrior at or over the age of twelve moons. There is no limit to how many warriors we can have, so that makes this rank unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

VIII. Apprentices

The apprentices are the cats of the clan training to become successful warriors. A specific warrior of the leaders choice advises and teaches them to hunt, fight, and later provide for the clan. There is a maximum of ten apprentices at on each time, and they are not to be challengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

IX. Kits

The kits are cats who have not been made an apprentice yet, which makes them the youngest cats throughout the entire clan. Most often, they are under the age of six moons. Although, sometimes they are held back from being an apprentice for a certain amount of time, sometimes due to a severe injury or misbehaving. There can only be a total of ten kits at one time, and they are unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

X. Queens

The queens are she-cats nursing or expecting kits. Their primary task during this time is the raising of their kits. Some queens stay in the nursery after they have their litter. They are thought to do this because they feel they can help the other queens nurturing their litter of kits. There is no limit to the amount of queens in the clan, causing the rank to stay unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

XI. Elders

The elders are retired cats who are too old or not in suitable shape to continue with their duties. Elders are taken care of by the whole clan, and are given respect for the time they have served as part of the clan. They are responsible for taking the body of a dead cat out to be buried. Some cats don't become an elder only because of old age; if there is ever a condition which prevents the cat from fulfilling their duties to their clan, it usually leads to the cat's decision of retiring. There is no limit to how many elders can be in the clan, causing this rank to be unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
- - - - -

XI. Prisoners

The prisoners are cats who have wronged or been disloyal to BloodClan. Apprentices are to taken care of them and give them zero respect for the time the leader says. Many of these cats are former TwistedClan warriors or cats stolen during battle. There is no limit to this rank, causing this rank to be unchallengeable.

Name Username Gender Other Brief Description
Sky Zodiacwolves Female Granddaughter of Scourge, blue collar with two teeth Pretty, black and blue colored she-cat with ice blue eyes, along white tipped paw and tail





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