Founders Blossomtail
Leader(s) Blossomstar, Briarstar
Deputy(s) Wildfoot, Moonsky
Medicine Cat(s) Icepetal
Current Stats
Current Leader Briarstar
Current Deputy Moonsky
Current Medicine Cat Icepetal
Warrior(s) Smoketail, Silversight, Dawnspring, Splashstrike, Mudbird, Sagebriar, Nettlespeck,Fishshine, Antspot, Maplefire
Apprentice(s) Hawkpaw, Goosepaw, Duskpaw, Birdpaw, Beaverpaw
Relatives Greybreeze, Foxbreeze, Branchfeather
Mudkit, Swallowkit, Blindkit, Flykit, Frostkit Mudkit, Swallowkit, Blindkit, Flykit, Frostkit
Leopardusk, Dovespots, Tornwillow, Moosewind Leopardusk, Dovespots, Tornwillow, Moosewind
Owner Chaeyoung Jisoo
''You may think we are innocent but you're wrong."

BlossomClan- This clan is ANYTHING but innocent. Founded by Blossomtail, this clan was brought to forest on the brink of destruction. They were hungry, homeless, and very low on warriors. Blossomstar (who was Blossomtail at the time) encouraged her followers to find any cat in need of protection and would be eager to join the clan. They were successful as they had many loners and kittypets join including a rogue named Thorn. Thorn is a power hungry, cruel cat who had lied to Blossomtail to join and gain power. Thorn then was adopted into his clan with the name Briarpaw. Blossomtail noticed this ambition and took on the responsibility of becoming his mentor. Moons and moons later, Briarpaw became Briarclaw. As he became a warrior, and soon deputy, his cruel intentions began to show. Suggesting attacking the other three clans to gain territory and become feared. In one of the needless battles against one of the other clans, Blossomstar grew weaker until she died after a battle with MistClan. Briarstar took over and is the current leader to this day. His deputy is the exact opposite despite her leader's comments on her being too soft.

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