Blossomleaf PhantomClan
Clan(s) PhantomClan
Basic Info
Parents Miss Lucy and Marty
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Masterstar
Apprentice(s) None

Blossomleaf was choosen to join the to be PhantomClan.


She was born as a singal kit to Marty and Miss Lucy. She was named Harriet. She grew into a young cat. She made friends with the other cats in the houses around her. The The second Masterstar choose her to be in his clan so she left to join him.


She was trained as a warrior under Masterstar. She was too seewt for battle so he decided to make her the medicine cat. So Masterstar had to learn about herds before he tought them to her. For a while she didn't train to be a medicine cat so she continued to train as a warrior. Finally Masterstar though her how to be a medicine cat and she picked it up fasted.

Medicine CatEdit

For a while after Masterstar left, she was the only confermed vital members of the group. Their was no leader of deputy. Peachfur was aiming for the position of Leader but Darkpelt ousted her and won. She became Darkstar and Shadowclaw became deputy. Bloosomleaf didn't have much to do since PhantomClan only fought WhiskerClan and sometimes the smaller FurryClan. Phantom became the biggest group and main rivals with Whisker. Then FurryClan formed and they started having fights with them. Blossomleaf took care of come cuts and scapes. The TwilightClan moved in and started attacking PhantomClan. Blossomleaf suddenly had more to do. She was often out getting more herds for her warriors wounds. Blossomleaf is still the Medicine Cat of Phantom today.



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