Boulderclaw, Windclan
Clan(s) Windclan
Rank Warrior (formerly), Deputy, deceased
Basic Info
Parents Ratwhisker (father), Grayheart (mother)
Litter-Mate(s) Heavyfoot (brother), Sootstorm (brother, deceased), Eaglefoot (brother, deceased)
Mate(s) Morningflower
Children Larkwhisker (son, deceased), Roseclaw/Gipsy (daughter)

Boulderclaw is a massive, heavily muscled, broad, long furred and tall dull brown tabby tom with large, dull, rounded eyes which were rimmed with dark brown circles. His pelt was criss-crossed with battle scars, most of which were located on his stomach and shoulders. He has a lighter brown muzzle, belly, tail and paw tips. He has crooked whiskers and torn ears, his right one completly missing, leaving only a stump. His teeth are crooked, yellow and long and he has thorn sharp, long, thick claws. 


Boulderclaw was born to Grayheart and Ratwhisker as Boulderkit. He was the youngest of his brothers, Heavykit, a orange tabby tom, Sootkit, a solid dark gray tom and Eaglekit, a dull, dark brown cat with specks of lighter brown. However, even though he was the youngest, he was also the largest, and liked to watch the apprentices train when his father would allow it. He began practicing what he saw the apprentices doing with his brothers, sometimes accidentally scratching them. Because of this, he was reguarly scolded by warriors, even by his mother or father.

After a while, his brothers became apprentices, leaving him alone in the nursery. Ratwhisker began participating in many missions, some even including crossing mountains or leading attacks on other clans or rogues. Grayheart looked after him without trouble, until Boulderkit said he had a nightmare about Tigerstar. Grayheart questioned him about it, wondering if Tigerstar still somehow got into cat's heads after his death, but Boulderkit explained that he and Tigerstar did not interact, and it was probably just a normal dream. Never-the-less, Boulderkit was inspired by Tigerstar's fighting style and awesome build, and aspired to become a warrior like him.

Boulderkit soon became an apprentice to Oakpelt, a somewhat young warrior, although he has the experience of a senior warrior. Boulderpaw became fascinated with fight training, watching the other older apprentices, including his brothers spar with eachother. Boulderpaw asked Oakpelt to train him how to fight consistently, but Oakpelt told Boulderpaw that strength isn't all a warrior needs to be a good one. Boulderpaw, somewhat frustrated, began to search for another cat to train him whilst his mentor was busy.

One night, whilst Boulderpaw was sniffing around the lake territory, he met a large silver cat, whos pelt was marred with scars of battle, and had bright amber eyes seemed to glow in the dark of the night. The cat introduced himself as Striker, a rogue that decided not to meddle with clan business. Boulderpaw told Striker that his own mentor wasn't teaching him how to fight enough, and asked if he could train him too. Striker agreed, and the two began to meet every few nights to train. Boulderpaw sometimes comes back with a scratch or two on his stomach and fur on his claws, which sometimes got him into trouble.

A moon or so after Boulderpaw first met Striker, he was watching his brothers train with the supervision of their mentors. When the mentors were called in for matters which were unimportant to the apprentices, Eaglepaw asked Boulderpaw if he would like to join in. Boulderpaw teased his brothers, telling them that he would probably kill them if they did let him fight them, but Heavypaw asked Boulderpaw to prove it. After a moment of contemplating this, Boulderpaw accepted his brothers' invite, and joined in. Boulderpaw used several of his fighting skills to defeat his brothers, but his brothers always got up after he pinned them down. Boulderpaw soon became sick of this, and unsheathed his claws. Sootpaw remarked how long Boulderpaw's claws were, until Boulderclaw lashed at Eaglepaw, shredding his ears. Sootpaw and Heavypaw dragged Boulderpaw away, and Eaglepaw was taken to the Medicine Bay. Boulderpaw was then heavily scolded, and wasn't allowed near his brother for the next few weeks.

After Boulderpaw's 'exile' ended, he resumed his normal training schedule with Oakfur, although Oakfur became more weary of Boulderpaw. Boulderpaw continued meeting Striker. Striker himself told Boulderpaw to stay out of the entrance of Riverclan, otherwise he would be faced with danger that would stay with him for the rest of his life. Boulderpaw, intruiged, disobeyed Striker's orders, and looked around Riverclan territory outskirts. He found nothing, but as he turned to leave, he was faced with three larger cats, one brown with a white underbelly and dreary blue eyes, another with gray, flecked fur and another with white fur and patches of his pelt missing, showing his skin. They questioned whether or not Boulderpaw was up to anything. When Boulderpaw denied it, the cats did not trust him, and the brown one beat Boulderpaw to an inch of his life, tearing off his right ear doing so. Boulderpaw limped back to Windclan camp, where the Medicine Cat nursed him back to health. Boulderpaw swore to find those cats again when hes stronger.

.... will continue later... lol