Breezestar is a lean, battled scared black tom with amber eyes and thorn sharp claws.


Breezekit was born into WindClan, back during the Warriora series. His parents were Nightcloud and Crowfeater. He had one brother and one sister, Featherkit and Eaglekit; who died two days after birth. Breezekit was ignored by both of his parents and was forced to sleep alone in the Nursey. Breezekit became an apprentice known as Breezepaw. His mentor was Whitetail. After he was an apprentice, he started to train in the Dark Forest. His mentor there was Hawkfrost. When he was nine moons old, he and his father went on a journey to the mountains, along with the journeying cats. Moons later, he became a warrior known as Breezepelt. After that, he discovered that three ThunderClan warriors, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, we're his half-litter mates. Breezepelt was upset and ashamed to have ThunderCkan siblings. Seasons later, The Dark Forest fought with the clans. Breezepelt was with them and almost killed Ivypool, but was stopped by his father, Crowfeather. After the clans won, Breezepelt and five ther Dark Forest traiters were exiled from their clans.


Breezepelt and the other five clan cats found six rouges. Breezepelt came up with an idea of forming a new clan, WhisperClan. The other cats agreed, and he made himself leader, giving himself the name of Breezestar. Breezestar made harsh new rules and appointed Shredtail, Deathclaw and Redwillow as deputies, which he called "Captions". Breezestar found three loners and forced them to be slaves. Later, Breezestar discovered other clans; MistClan, BrableClan, and HollyClan, and led attacks on them. He and WhisperClan destroyed HollyClan competly and stole kits from the other two clans. After that, Breezestar forced an Elite Gaurd, Firehowl, to be mates with him. She later gave birth to his first litter of kits; Smokehowl and Songflight. After that, he forced another she-cat, Ivystripe. She gave birth to his kits; Whitekit, Moonkit, and Hazelkit. But an elite guard named Cloudshine, murdered the kits. After that, Breezestar killed her and said that only his mates were allowed to have kits or they would be killed and their kits will become slaves. He then became mates with Poppytail, and he had his kits; Foxgrowl, Echonight, and Gorsenight. Breezestar then became mates with a slave Swamfeather. She had his kits; Ruepaw, Shakepaw, Nightpaw, Silverpaw and Raggedpaw. Moons later, he became mates with Maplepelt, and she had his kits; Gorsekit and Fawnkit. He is still the ruthless leader of WhisperClan today.


Mother: Nightcloud

Father: Crowfeather

Litter-Mates: Cloudkit and Eaglekit.

Half-Litter-Mates: Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather.

Mates: Firehowl, Ivystripe, Poppytail, Swanfeather.

Sons: Smokehowl, Foxgrowl, Gorsenight, Nightpaw, Shakepaw, Raggedpaw, Hazelkit, Gorsekit.

Daughters:Songflight, Moonkit, Whitekit, Echoyowl, Ruepaw, Silverpaw, Fawnkit.