Brightsky LeafClan
Clan(s) LeafClan
Basic Info
Parents Flowerstar and Silverfur
Litter-Mate(s) Smoketail
Mate(s) None yet
Children None
Mentor(s) Rabbitfur
Apprentice(s) None
Brightsky is a mottled brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Kit LifeEdit

Brightkit was born to Flowerstar and Silverfur along with her sister Smokekit. As a kit, Brightsky always wondered why Smokekit couldn't be a warrior, as it wasn't until she became an apprentice that she understood. Flowerstar was always on her paws during her time with them as kits, as they were very lively.

Apprentice LifeEdit

When Brightsky and Smoketail were six moons, they became apprentices. Brightpaw was a warrior apprentice and studied fighting tactics, hunting skills and other things with her mentor, Rabbitfur. She made friends with Featherpaw, (now Feathersong) who was an older apprentice and the two always trained together. Brightpaw was afraid that this friendship would make Smokepaw jealous, but it didn't, because Smokepaw had her own friend, a medicine cat apprentice from CloudClan.

Warrior LifeEdit

After moons of training, Brightpaw became a warrior known as Brightsky. She became a warrior shortly after Feathersong's age group, who became warriors a moon or so earlier. She is still the youngest warrior, two moons later. She hasn't found a mate or gotten an apprentice yet, which is understandable. But, when Leafdrop's kits are born, Brightsky and many other cats might get apprentices.