Brightstar BrightClan
Clan(s) BrightClan
Basic Info
Parents Shella and Bricks
Litter-Mate(s) Cloverfoot
Mate(s) Ziziphusclaw
Children Argonkit and Lazulikit
Mentor(s) Pinestar
Apprentice(s) Twisterpaw


Brighty was born in the allyways of a twolegged city. His mother was Shella and his father was Bricks. He was born with oen sister named Clover. They soon grew into young cats. After their parents died Clover and Brighty met an ex-warrior who was captured by a twoleg. He was friends with Bricks so he took care of the two cats and trained them in the way of the warriors.


Brightpaw's mentor was a warrior name Pinestar who had been the leader of ThunderClan. Soon Brightpaw wanted to joina clan but he lived to far fromt he forest so he gathered a few other cats around the area and trained them with Pinestar.


Brightpelt became a warrior while his sister soon took an interest in herds. Pinestar thought her what little he knew about herds he leard from the medicine cat at ThunderClan. It was a Medicine Cat from RiverClan named Fallentooth who mostly tought Cloverpaw. He was an apprentice in RiverClan befor ehe was captured by a human. After Pinestar died of old age, Brightpelt decided to form a Clan os his own in honnor of his mentor.


Brightstar formed BrightClan alogn with his sister, Bramblepelt, Ziziphusclaw and Fallentooth. His deputy became Bramblepelt and his medicine cat became Cloverfoot. He became mates with Ziziphusclaw and they had two kits named Argonkit and Lazulikit. Twisterpaw became his first apprentice. He is still leader of BrightClan.


Mother: Shella

Father: Bricks

Sister: Cloverfoot

Mate: Ziziphusclaw

Children: Argonkit and Lazulikit