Founders Brokenheart
Current Stats
Current Leader Mazustar
Current Deputy Shadestorm
Current Medicine Cat Hiddenwaters
Apprentice(s) Unknow

The ClanEdit

A more newest clan, BrokenClan is always at war with SmolderClan. Placed higher up then FrostClan, BrokenClan warriors are the stleathest cats on the mountain side.

Know MembersEdit


Mazustar - A brown and tiger striped tom with amber eyes


Shadestorm - A grey topped white under chest warrior with burned amber eyes (tom)


Foxflame: A redish tom with fox like markings. Blue-ish grey eyes

Wingclaw: A glossy brown and light brown tom cat with amber eyes

Wildthorn: A brown and grey stripped tom with an amber eye and a orange eye


Soulspirit: A grey, black pawed she-cat with green eyes. (Mate Shadestorm)


Shatterpaw: A red and white tom with leaf green eyes


Flowerkit: Grey and white she-cat with blue eyes

Winterkit: Black and light grey tom with amber eyes

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