Clan(s) MusicClan
Gender Male
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Cloudwhisker(Mother) and Drizzlescorch(Father)
Litter-Mate(s) Whiteclaw, Fogblaze
Mate(s) Berrytopaz
Children Gravitykit, Dragonkit, Snakekit, and Snowkit
Mentor(s) Steelfur(Now an elder)
Apprentice(s) Lapispaw(Lapisrose) Rainpaw(Rainspark) Riftpaw(current)

Bunnytail Edit

Bunnytail, a young, cheeful albino was born into a nice, caring family. He shows sympathy for everyone, and is not afraid to talk back to other cats his age. He appears differently to cats; some view him as a threat because of his red eyes, some she-cats view him as shockingly handsome, and some view him as a kind, helpful cat. When he was born, the leader saw him as a gift to the Clan, knowing he would do them well, along with his brothers. He is the only albino known in MusicClan history, witch will make him and his mate and family some of the most remembered cats.

Kithood Edit

As a kit, Bunnytail was mostly self-consious because of his pelt, size, and his elder brother Whitekit being stronger and bigger. Despite this, he had lots of friends and Whitekit was probably the most caring brother in the world, helping him along the way and did not take advantage of this, witch most elder brothers would probably do. When Briarkit and Berrykit were born, he took an instant liking to Berrykit, and, over time, started to develop a crush.

He was one of the only kits smart enough to know about Berrykit`s harsh life, with her father only paying attention to Briarkit and how she bullied her. He often talked to Berrykit`s mother, who had tried to stop it and get rid of the father, but could not do it on her own. He also knew about Briarkit`s crush on him, but whenever she "flirted" with him he would yell at her and stomp away. He continued this on until apprenticehood, where he finally came clear.

Apprenticehood Edit

Bunnytail`s apprentice hood was not much different from his Kithood. He continued to help Berrypaw, and they started a more-then-friends bond, angering Briarpaw.

He started to get bullied as he got a little older, because he did`nt look "Like a tom would". You could probably guess: He was aware that most tom`s did`nt have fluffy white fur like he did, unlike Whitepaw`s, where his was so beaten and dirty that it made him look almost like a warrior. Whitepaw stood up for him during this, and even slashed one of the bully`s ears. He also experienced the violent, sad death of his mother, after she and him went into battle together against Opalclan and witnessed her take her one last breath under the paws of one of their warriors, Stormclaw. He swore violent revenge at the warrior, hoping one day to kill him himself. This, for some odd reason, earned him and his brothers a high-ranking place in their Clan.

When the day finally came that Berrypaw stood up to her sister, also earning her a high rank, he officially asked her to be his mate when they became warriors. She agreed with huge enthusiasm, admitting that she had always liked him too.

Family Edit

Mother: Cloudwhisker(deceased)

Father: Drizzlescorch(deceased)

Siblings: Whiteclaw and Fogblaze


Children: Gravitykit, Dragonkit, Snakekit and Snowkit