Burnedheart OceanClan
Clan(s) OceanClan, NightClan and Rouge
Basic Info
Parents Hollowfoot and Foxfur
Litter-Mate(s) Darkshadow
Mate(s) Stormheart
Children Burnflower NightClan, Wavesoul
Mentor(s) Fallenspire, Soulstar
Apprentice(s) None Yet

Burnedheart is role played by Burnedstar.


Burnedkit was born in OceanClan to Hollowfoot and Foxfur. He has one litter-mate sister named Darkkit. They survived to six moons and soon became apprentices.Foxfur told his son that he would some day be great because of story that was told by an old medicine cat. Foxfur believed that his son was the cat the old medicine cat spoke of.


Burnedpaw got his mentor named Fallenspire. His sister became Darkpaw. Burnedpaw trained hard so he could become great like his father has said. During his training Fallenspire had a heart attack and died during their training. Burnedpaw was broken up on the inside but had learned enough to be a warrior.


Burnedheart became a warrior of OceanClan. He became a loyal, brave and smart warrior. He was also fast and not very strong. He met Stormheart when she fell off a cliff over looking for a stream. He jumped into save her without caring for his own life. After he saved Stormheart, he helps her get back to full health and sends her home. He is found out that he helped an enemy clan and is banished from OceanClan. He meets up with Stormheart again during his travel to the mountains.


Burnedheart and Stormheart joined NightClan. The group was led by Soulstar. Soulstar, who has led for a long time and heard many tails for medicine cats, had also heard the tale of a brave black tom. She believed that Burnedheart was the cat the prophecy spoke of. Eager to have new members and the cat of the told prophecy, she took Burnedheart into the clan. Stormheart was thought to be an outcast in NightClan but Burnedheart never left her side, and slowly Stormheart was accepted into NightClan.


Burnedheart became deputy after the former deputy, Stemfoot, was killed in a raid. He and Stormheart became mates and when Burnedheart was named deputy, Stormheart was the first to congratulate Burnedheart. During his time as deputy, he saw how the clan was run and how extremely loyal these NightClan cats were to one another. During a defensive attack from Coldstar, the cruel leader of FrostClan, Soulstar flung herself on to Coldstar and bit into his neck to try and take one of his lives. Sadly, she was killed by Coldstar. Burnedheart, who had become a great friend to the old leader, lost all control of his heart and mauled Coldstar's nine lives. Coldstar lied on the ground bleeding and dieing but Burnedheart seemed not to care. FrostClan watched as their leader died to this black tom. FrostClan broke ranks and fled in terror. Soulstar was close to death when she told Burnedheart that he was destined to be the great leader that NightClan now needed.


After Soulstar died Burnedheart became leader and took the name Burnedstar. In his first years of leading he could hardly keep up with the problems of his new clan. But Stormheart always helped him out of close calls. She had become his deputy right after he was named Burnedstar. Burnedstar tried hard to keep his clan stable but another raid happened, this time from StreamClan. Burnedstar fought against his mate's former friends and some of her family. Stormheart was given two choices; Fight for her mate and NightClan or fight for her former clan of StreamClan. She rose up with Burnedstar and together NightClan defeated StreamClan. Burnedstar became stronger after the fight and became the leader NightClan was looking for.

A Shattered LeaderEdit

During a raid of FrostClan in the Great war, Burnedstar's mate, Stormheart, gave her life for Burnedstar. When she died Burnedstar cried his soul out. He cried and wept all throughout the night. When he came to he wondered in to NightClan with his dead mate on his back. Lying her down, Burnedstar called a clan meeting. He ordered his clan to take on the new leader of Tanglestar and the new deputy Wavesoul. All of NightClan was in a up-roar. Burnedstar re-named himself to Burnedheart and made himself become a rouge. Before he left NightClan, he took his dead mate, friend, and deputy's body with him. He is later found out in the woods with old blood crusting over his fur. He had been dead for a long while from what Bloodstar could tell. However when Bloodstar and Wavesoul went to move the old cat, Burnedheart sprung back to life and seemed as young as a kit. Blinded and weak, Burnedheart looked around to see nothing was there but the voice of Stormheart in his mind. He later re-joins NightClan but for a short time, he later dies after a gathering of old age. When he died he was led by Soulstar and Stormheart to MountainStarClan. Burnedheart and Stormheart never were apart again. They are spoken of as great warriors and mates through the remaining serise and only spoken of during times of hardship.


Mother: Hollowfoot

Father: Foxfur

Sister: Darkshadow

Mate: Stormheart

Children: Burnflower and Wavesoul




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