Burnflower NightClan
Clan(s) NightClan
Basic Info
Parents Burnedstar and Stormheart
Litter-Mate(s) Wavesoul
Mate(s) none yet
Children none yet
Mentor(s) Stormheart
Apprentice(s) None yet

Role played by User: Burnedstar


Burnkit was born to Burnedstar and Stormheart. During her birth she and Darkshadow had merged souls. Her orange pelt was something un-comon in Burnedstar's family line but very comon in Stormheart's family line. She was a trouble maker but she was a kind kit. She always spoke to her mother of a brown and spotted warrior from StarClan.

Burnpaw was a name known al throughout NightClan. Burnpaw's mentor was her mother, Stormheart. Burnpaw learned all she could from her mother/deputy.

Burnflower tried very hard to keep up with all tasks of the clan. She tended to things that most apprentices would be doing. When she learns of her mothers death and her father's leave, She couldn't help but cry her eyes out. After the six year pass, she is reunited with her father. Her happyness didn't last long because after a gathering Burnedheart was found dead in Stormheart's old nest.