I am going to write a Fanfiction called Cat Ears.It's about a girl named Lisa who turns into a cat and joins a wild clan of cats.



Lisa(Other names: Silverpaw, Silverfur)

Sandstorm(other names:none)

Firestar(Other name: Fireheart)

Whitestorm(Other names:None)

Bluestar(Other names:None)

Cloudtail(Other names: Cloudpaw)

Willowpelt(Other name:none)

Dustpelt(Other names:Names)

Yellowfang(Other names:none)



Brightheart(Other names:Brightpaw,Lostface)










I'll add more later.;)


It was very dark. In the sky,the stars shone brightly above the forest.A white tom padded lightly on the forest floor.He stopped and sniffed the air.The white tom's ears pricked.


Whitestorm turned around to see a blue gray she-cat.

"Have you seen anything?"Asked the blue gray she-cat.

"I've smelled rogues."Whitestorm newest coldly.

Bluestar's ears pricked."How many?"

"I do not know."Whitestorm admitted."But there was lots."

Bluestar looked at the ground for a few moments.Then, she looked up."We will send more patrols."

Whitestorm nodded.

"You will lead the dawn patrol."Bluestar meowed.

"Yes, Bluestar." Whitestorm mewed. "I-"Whitestorm cut off when he saw a small black tom. Rogue! Whitestorm thought.

"I knew I heard voices," the black tom hissed.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in ThunderClan's territory?" Bluestar hissed.

"I am Scourge, leader of BloodClan!" the black tom spat. "And I will rule this forest!"

"No you won't!" Bluestar hissed back.

Scourge looked at Bluestar.

"You don't even remember me do you, Bluefur?"

Bluestar stared at him for a few heartbeats.Then she hissed, "You're Tiny! I remember you. Me, Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw saw you in our territory moons ago! Tigerclaw said he would kill you! And you said you would get your revenge!"

Scourge nodded, smiling evilly. "And you should run."

Whitestorm and Bluestar looked at each other, confused.Suddenly, many rogues jumped out of the bushes.

"BloodClan," Scourge hissed, "attack."

"Run!" Bluestar hissed to Whitestorm.

Whitestorm and Bluestar ran as fast as they can, but the rogues followed. After a few heartbeats, Bluestar and Whitestorm stopped.

"We lost them." Whitestorm panted.

"Let's get back to the camp." Bluestar mewed shakily.

Bluestar sat on the Highrock, looking up at the night sky. She sighed.

"Is everything all right, Bluestar?" Bluestar spun her head around to see her deputy, Tigerclaw.

Everything's fine, Tigerclaw," Bluestar growled.

"Whitestorm told me about the rogues. Shall we send extra patrols?" Tigerclaw asked.

Bluestar nodded. Suddenly, she saw a shooting star, her ears pricked, and her eyes closed.

"It was a message from StarClan," Bluestar mewed.

"What did they say?" Tigerclaw demanded.

"They said," Bluestar began,"the human will come."

"What is a human?" Tigerclaw demanded.

"I have no idea." Bluestar meowed. "But it's coming to the forest."

"We shall be ready." Tigerclaw mewed.

Bluestar nodded, and then looked at the sky again. "We will be waiting for this...human."

Chapter 1Edit

Lisa's POV

I woke up gasping. It has been the third time since I had that dream about the talking cats.

"Lisa! Hurry up and get dressed! You need to clean my room!"

That was my Aunt Rose's voice. Sighing, I got out of bed and got dressed.

By the way, my name is Lisa and I'm a 15 year old girl. The reason why I live with my aunt is because my parents died when I was 10. My mom had cancer, but survived. When she and my dad were driving home from the hospital, they both died in a car crash. My 20 year old sister Allie was with me when it happened. She said she was going to see them, and I had to stay here. She said she would be back, but she never did come back. She disappeared. No one ever saw her again. After my parents died I had to live with my aunt. She has been treating me like a slave ever since I had to live with her.

"Hurry up, Lisa!" Aunt Rose screamed downstairs.

Sighing, I walked slowly downstairs to see my aunt.

"What took you so long?" she snapped."No, you better clean my room!"

"Yes, Aunt Rose," I said, running into my aunt's room.

When I was in there, I felt like I was going to be sick. It smelled so bad, clothes were everywhere, and there was a lot of food on the floor.

This was going to take me forever.

After two hours of cleaning Aunt Rose's room, it was finally clean. It smelled a lot better. Suddenly, the door flung open. I gulped when I saw Aunt Rose.She was smiling. Wow. I've never seen that before.

Soon, her smile faded away.

"Clean the kitchen next, then clean my car. Oh, and wash the dishes."

"Yes, Aunt Rose." I sighed.

I hate how Aunt Rose treats me. I looked at my watch .It was 10:00. I walked slowly to the kitchen. While mopping the floor, tears fell from my face.

It was 8:00. I had finished all my chores, and now I was going to bed. I had to get up at 5:00 in the morning to clean the attic. Why does my aunt have to be mean to me? Why? As I closed my eyes, I heard footsteps in my room. I opened my eyes. What I saw was only my cat, Princess. She jumped on my bed and licked my face.

"Princess," I groaned.

"Sorry Lisa..."

I gasped. Did my cat I must be hearing things. Sighing I closed my eyes. I heard noises,again.Ok,Princess was annoying me.

"Princess sto-"I stopped when I saw a Ginger tom with Princess.

"Cloudkit is fine,"I heard the Ginger Tom say.I gasped.What the heck?!!!

"Good.You must leave Fireheart,my house folk is..."She stopped and stared at me.

"How are you talking!!!"I blurted out.

The two cats just stared.

I couldn't take this.I was dreaming.I closed my eyes only to hear Fireheart say:"The Twoleg will be a cat."

As I awoke,I yawned.Then,I looked at my watch.I gasped.It was ten o'clock!I slept in.

"Lisa?Lisa where are you!"Aunt Rose screamed downstairs.

"Coming!"I screamed.

Suddenly,I looked at my hands.I gasped.My hands weren't hands,they were cat paws!I jupmed from my bed.And looked in a mirror beside my bed.I gasped.I was a cat!

Chapter 2Edit

Lisa's POV

I ran downstairs as fast as I could.I had to tell Aunt Rose.

"Lisa?"I heard my aunt scream."Come here right now!"

I ran towards Aunt Rose and said,"Aunt Rose!I got turned into a cat!Help me!"

But aunt Rose didn't understand what I was saying.Instead,she looked at me and screamed,"ACK!A cat!Get out of my house!"

Aunt Rose picked me up and threw me outside.She ran back inside still screaming.I couldn't believe this.First,my cat was talking,second,Im a cat,and third,my aunt didn't understand me!What am I going to do?

Suddenly,I saw a ginger tom,running in the forest that I lived by.I think he was the tom I saw last night.Quickly,I followed him.The forest was really creepy.There were mice everywhere and bugs.Gross.Suddenly,a pale ginger she-cat jumped on me,biting my neck.Then,she scratched her claws on my back.I had to fight back.I sank my teeth in her shoulder.She squealed,and tried to claw my face,but instead,I scratched the she-cat's chest.Then,the she-cat stopped fighting me.She took a couple steps back,sneering at me.

"What are you doing in my territory?"She hissed.

"Your territory?"I asked confused.


I spun my head around to see the ginger Tom I tried to follow here.

"Fireheart!"Sandstorm growled."I found this she-cat in our territory!"

Fireheart stared at me."Who are you?"He demanded.

"Li-Li-Lis-Lisa."I said,startled.

"Are you a loner,rouge,or a kittypet?"Sandstorm asked."I know your not a clan cat."

"I don't know what your talking about!"I screamed."I'm a human!I'm not supposed to be a cat!What the heck is going on?!"

"What's a human?"Sandstorm asked.

"Same thing as a Twoleg."Fireheart hissed."Are you really a Twoleg?"

I nodded.Tears fell in my eyes.But I couldn't cry.

"Come on."Fireheart meowed,pushing me forward."Come and met my clan,ThunderClan."