Note that this isn't a proper page, per se - rather, it's a collection of resources! Some by me, some not. This page will forever be under construction - i'll add to it as I find more resources!

Art Stuff. Edit

Blank clan logo

First off, the first image is a blank pixel Clan template! I happen to put the clan "symbol" in the black part in the color I make the border - you can change the green to whatever you want! The second image is a pixel trace of the Warriors logo. It's transparent, and you can color it however you want for fanfic book covers. You don't need to give credit for either of them, but it is appreciated. Don't claim them as your own, though. COMING SOON: Pixel art cat bases for anyone who actually likes my weird art style.

Also, this blog is full of FREE cat images, so no copyright problems if you use them for yourself, and no ugly stock photo watermarks:

Pixel warriors logo

Naming. Edit

While I far prefer coming up with names on my own, sometimes I get stuck - so here's some random name generators! Some are more "realistic" than others. - A pretty solid generator - some of the suffixes of weird, but your opinion may vary. Also has tribe and kittypet names! - This one has a lot more unusual prefixes and suffixes.;specialheader=generator;version=cat - This generator has lots of things - including tribes, rogues, and it even generates an appearance! For some reason, it's not generating names on my Mac running Google Chrome. I don't know why. - Looky here, a traditional name generator! The entire blog is great if you want traditional names, as Grey, the one who runs the blog, has his own entire system of traditional naming. - This generator gives you not only a name, but a little description, too! Uses all prefixes and suffixes from the books. - Gives you Clan names and two cat names! By the same person as the previous generator.