Chapter TwoEdit

"Flamepaw!" yowls Thorntail. Flamepaw opens one eye then slowly the other and stretches her back legs. She feels Icypaw's body next to hers and slowly slips out of her nest. "Flamepaw!" Thorntail's call sounds again, this time more stern. "Coming!" she calls back. She quickly pads over to him and dips her head, "Sorry, I was busy getting Icypaw's limp body off me. What's wrong?" "You, me, Rosefur, and Sandpaw are going on a border patrol," he replies. "I'll come, too," says a voice behind Flamepaw. She turns and sees Icypaw behind her and Thorntail nods, "Very well." He turns to Flamepaw and says, "Us three will go right now, the others will come, later." They pad out of the tunnel and head into the brachen and fern covered forest. Thorntail marks the Riverclan border and head toward the Shadowclan border when they see four Shadowclanners on Thunderclan territory. Thornclaw waves his tail to stop and whispers something to Icypaw too low for Flamepaw to hear. Icypaw nods and races towards Thunderclan camp. Thorntail nods to Flamepaw and yowls, "Tresspassers!" The four cats stop and a black tom snarls, "We can go wherever we wish!" "No one can stop us, anyway. Thunderclan is filled with kittypets," sneers a dark tabby she-cat. Suddenly, Thunderclan warriors jump out and attack the four Shadowclanners. Icypaw and Sandpaw wrestle with a dark grey tom, while Thorntail pins and claws the black tom. Flamepaw pins the she-cat and bites onto her neck. Pain surges into her side and shoulders, but she tightnes her grip and throws the cat into some brambles. As quick as it starts, it ends, leaving the Shadowclan cats fleeing for their lives. Flamepaw licks a wound on her shoulder and side. She pads alongside Sandpaw untill they get to the med den. She pushes past the ferns and lies down in some moss. A white tom with black ears and yellow eyes pokes his head out from some ferns and tyrns to her. His eyes widen and he pulls his head back. He trots out with cobwebs and marigold and sets it down next to her. "Hello, Flamepaw. What happened?" he asks. "Hello, Whitecloud. Some Shadowclanners crossed the border and got me right on the shoulder." Whitecloud licks between her ears, affectionly, and mews, "It's better that you're safe, Brachenface would smile to see you now." Brachenface was his mentor, and treated Flamepaw like her own daughter. Before she died, she made sure Whitecloud took care of her. She also gave him his name, and watched Flamepaw become an apprentice. Flamepaw nods then points to the herbs with her nose and asks, "You going to give me some, or continue staring at me?" "Huh?" he stares at her then quickly adds, "Oh! Sorry, I was just caught up with Brachenface that I forgot." While Whitecloud applied the marigold, Flamepaw already knew what was on his mind. Ever since she opened her green eyes and say the world, he loved her. But everyone knew med cats can't have mates, let alone kits. But that didn't stop him from liking her. When he is done, she helps him put the extra cobwebs away. "I wish I was a warrior, like you," Whitecloud murmurs. Flamepaw tilts her head and asks, "Why? I thought you were happy as a med cat." "I do," he replies, "I just get all the herbs mixed up. And I spill them all the time, too." Flamepaw knew the real reason, but she nodded her head. "I can teach you some hunting and battle tactics, besides, it gets boring being all alone." His eyes widen and sparkle in delight. "Thank you, thank you!" He jumps up and down like an excited kit, then stops and kneads the ground. "Sorry." She purrs in amusement then stops. "If you become a warrior, who will be med cat?" He stares back at her and they both share a look. He then shrugs and murmurs, "Maybe Starclan will send me a sign." Flamepaw hears the ferns part and turns to see Sandpaw staring at them. "Yes, Sandpaw?" she asks, "What is it you want?" Just then, Icypaw steps in and stares at them both through slits and growls, "We can ask you the same thing."