Cinder is a female loner. She is a gray tabby with blue eyes and black paws. She is aware of the Clan cats in her area, but does not seek to cause them trouble.

Biography Edit

Cinder lived on the borders of the RiverClan lake territory, hunting and caring for herself. However, about a year ago she had a more thrilling encounter with the clan cats when she was severely wounded and accidentally trespassed on RiverClan territory. Cinder stayed in the Clan for awhile as her leg healed, but when RiverClan suffered a fox attack just before she was to leave, she rose to help the clan. After RiverClan recovered, she was offered a position in RiverClan. However, Cinder turned it down, saying she missed her past way of life. She still lives on the RiverClan borders and is still friendly enough with the RiverClan cats she used to live with.

Later in life, Cinder mated with a ginger tom and birthed a daughter, Birch. She never saw her daughter grow up, however, and was killed by a badger.

Personality Edit

Cinder is loyal, caring, thoughtful, and sympathetic. However, she can be moody, intense, and impulsive. She thinks quick on her feet and is very protective of who she cares about.