Basic Information Edit

CityClan is a group of cats living in an abandoned city. They have warrior ancestors and have been wiped out before. They follow the code, with their own stories about it. They are semi angry cats and would fight if pushed so far. They are very proud and willing to try to do strange things to help their Clanmates.They have to be careful in the city ruins because they could be trapped in a rock fall just by moving one rock.

Prey Edit

They mostly eat rats, mice, and birds. Though they will eat almost anything odd like fish and frogs if they can find them. Rats are very high on eating because they used to thrive in city allies, and they like places to hide. The ruins of a city are perfect.

Territory Edit

CityClan's territory is a ruined, abandoned city where Twolegs are nearly found no where. They walk along the Thunderpaths that hadn't been used in years. While the Clan live on one half, dogs, foxes, rats, and kittypets roam the other along with dangerous groups of rogues. While most of the Twoleg dens have crumbled and been destroyed, some still stand and are great places for finding squirrels or mice if your up for the challenge.


Current Allegiances Edit

CityClan Leader-Pearstar-cream manx tom Apprentice, Flashpaw Deputy- Emberskip-dark cream manx Medicine Cat-Mistycloud-blue-grey she-cat Apprentice, Tansypaw

Warriors Gingersun-dark ginger tom Thistlefeather-white-and-grey tom Tinyfur-white she-cat Adderspring-dark brown-red tom Sootwing-black she-cat Willowbrook-cream manx she-cat Apprentice, Bluebellpaw Frogsong-white-and-brown tabby tom Hareberry-white tabby she-cat Pikepelt-dark grey tom Shortpoppy-pale brown she-cat Sprucestripe-russet tom Splashfire-ginger tom Aldersplash-light brown tabby she-cat Thornwing-dark grey-brown tom Greyfur-grey tom Songlight-light grey she-cat- Stempetal-dark brown-and-cream manx she-cat Fawntuft-light grey-brown she-cat Sweetbreeze-tortoiseshell she-cat Ashfeather-light grey she-cat Sunblossom-small ginger she-cat Duskshadow-dark grey tabby tom Apprentice, Shadowpaw Wolftooth-white tom with grey chin Brackenfang-dark brown manx tom Apprentice, Cricketpaw Mudsplash-cream-and-brown manx tom Archtail-cream tabby she-cat with strange crooked tail tip Flailwhisker-brown-and-white tom Apprentice, Curlypaw Palestreak-russet coloured she-cat with cream underbelly and chest fur Mossyface-white-and-black tom Spiderleap-dark-almost black-brown tom Apprentice, Lichenpaw Shrewflight-ginger tom Apprentice, Tanglepaw Poolfrost-pale grey she-cat white paws Goldenfish-golden tabby she-cat Apprentice, Oakpaw Rainflight-tortistishell she-cat Apprentice, Curlypaw Grasstail-brown tom Apprentice, Chestnutpaw Quickbreeze-brown-almost black tom Apprentice, Finpaw Branchclaw-light brown tom Skyblaze-ginger-and-brown she-cat Toadspots-brown she-cat Bramblefoot-dark brown tom with ginger paws Thrushfern-pale dappled grey tom with green eyes Dappletoe-dark tabby she-cat with white paws Falconfur-dark ginger tabby with white flecks Lynxpelt-dark mottled ginger tabby she-cat Shrewwhisker-sleek black tom Storknose-dark brown tabby with a white chest and underbelly Hawkfoot-dark brown tabby with black paws Lavenderwish-silver tabby Cedartail-dark mottled grey tom Flameslip-ginger tom Raggedflame-patchy ginger tabby tom Elderfur-light brown tabby she-cat

Apprentices Tansypaw-pale grey tom Shadowpaw-dark grey tom Tanglepaw-brown-and-white tabby she-cat Oakpaw-dark brown tom Bluebellpaw-silver point she-cat Flashpaw-dark ginger she-cat wih darker patches Finpaw-dusty brown tom with honey coloured patches Curlypaw-pale golden tabby Lichenpaw-dark brown tabby with white patches

Queens Aspendawn-dark brown she-cat fostering Tigerkit(Dark brown tabby tom), Hawkkit(brown tabby tom with a splash of white on his chest), Juniperkit and Puddlekit Tinyfur-small white she-cat nursing Thistlefeather's kits, Fallowkit( ) and Buzzardkit(brownish-black tom) Yellowtuft-cream manx she-cat expecting Frogsong's kits  Ivymask-pale grey-and-dark grey she-cat nursing Wolftooth's kits, Fernkit(dark grey white and pale grey tom), Sharpkit(pale grey tom with a white face), Stonekit(mottled grey she-kit) and Drizzlekit(mottled grey tom) Ashfoot-pale silvery tabby she-cat nursing, Brackenkit(dark brown tabby with paler brown underbelly and chest), Bumblekit(dark silvery tabby with yellow eyes) and Bramblekit(dark grey tabby with patches of black fur) Sorrelleap-cream tabby she-cat with lighter patches expecting kits Clearshine-white she-cat expecting Thornwing's kits

Elders Aspenhawk-dark brown tabby tom, oldest tom in CityClan Amberlight-golden tabby tom forced elder Tinyhawk-very light brown she-cat forced elder Mossfang-black she-cat

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