Newest Version of StarClan Two stars burn bright across the sky,” she meowed. “They travel far away to a new home. A home in trouble of the dark coldness. The two stars burned bright till one flicks out and darkness threatens to reclaim the land and all hope lies on the reaming star.”


You have heard of StarClan and SpiritClan, but when in the mountain, the four clans believe in on power called MountainStarClan. Th
is believed to be the heaven of the mountain. Many if not all mountain cats have dreamed of finding this great heaven, but to Mountain Warrior legend only leaders, when given their nine lives, can see this prefect heaven. According to the legends the cats of MountainStarClan are the formers of the clans and the great leaders of their clans. Burnedheart believes that Soulstar went to MountainStarClan. The MountainStarClan cats have been seen wondering the mountain, looking for kits to bless and elders to lead to SpiritClan.

Near DeathEdit

When MountainStarClan finds Burnedstar lying in a pool of his blood, they wait for his soul to shine through his body. Soulstar appears and waits for the soul of Burnedstar as well. When Burnedstar's soul does show through, Soulstar tells him he has lost 3 lives. Soulstar tells Burnedstar that the clans are in danger of the next Leaf-Fall. Soulstar returns Burnedstar's soul to his body and the cats of MountainStarClan fade.

Cats Know to Burnedstar in MountainStarClanEdit

  • Soulstar
  • Lighting
  • Night
  • Stream
  • Frost
  • Marshstar(Oldest leader of MountainClan, Which is the birth place of NightClan)
  • Bladestar(Oldest leader of SwampClan, Which is the birth clan of LightingClan)
  • Fernstar(Oldest leader of FernClan, Which is the birth clan of StreamClan)
  • Winterstar(Oldest leader of WinterClan, Which is the birth clan of FrostClan)
  • Stormheart
  • Burnedstar

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