Coldstar FrostClan
Clan(s) FrostClan
Basic Info
Parents Frozenstar(Father)


Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Frozenstar
Apprentice(s) Blackpaw, Hiddenpaw, and Snowpaw

Role played by Burnedstar

FrostClan (Pre-Coldstar)Edit

Coldkit Edit

As a young kit, Coldkit wanted to be a great leader. He played with his den mates and spoke of how he was going to be the greatest leader since Bluestar in ThunderClan. He was told that Bluestar wasn't a leader of ambition. Coldkit always thought that he was the kindest cat in FrostClan.


When Coldlit became Coldpaw, he was super happy. Frozenstar, his father, told his son that he would mentor him. As they trained Coldpaw became more and more ambitious. He started to play roughly and blame the other apprentices for it. On one of their training missions, Coldpaw tried to murder one of the other apprentices. Frozenstar saw Coldpaw lay his jaws on the other apprentices neck and attacked his own son. Coldpaw became angered at his father but kept his hate in-side... The hate grew and grew until he was a warrior.... Thats when the trouble starts.


After being named Coldheart, he swore to his father that he would be the greatest warriors in FrostClan. He was allowed to train Snowpaw, his friends daughter. Snowpaw trained by him endlessly. Coldheart could tell that this apprentice would some day make a very great warrior. He made her like him. Coldheart made her think that ambition and power was all she needed. Coldheart finished her training and trained Blackpaw(Blackfeather) the same way he trained Snowpaw(Snowstorm). He left FrostClan to explore one day and found Night, the founder of NightClan, walking alone. Coldheart always hated NightClan for taking what should be rightful FrostClan territory. Coldheart attacked Night without reason. Night fought back well but slipped on a rock and fell into Coldheart's jaws. Clamping down hard, Coldheart murder Night and left his body to rot. When he returned to camp he found Snowstorm laying dead next to Frozenstar. Blackfeather told him that they killed each other. Coldheart jumped at the chance to lead and took over his fathers clan.

FrostClan (Coldstar's leadership)Edit


Coldstar came about in FrostClan after the great leader Frozenstar had died. Coldstar, Frozenstar's son, Became the leader. Burnedstar's sister Darkshadow came to him looking for a strong clan. Coldstar knew that he could use her to beat NightClan's leader Burnedstar and allowed her to join his clan. Hearing that her brother had joined his enemy Soulstar, Coldstar orders a small raid to check out the camp and find Burnedheart. He finds out that his patrol was beaten by the new warrior and his she-cat friend.

Fall of ColdstarEdit

The ultimate end of Coldstar was during the "Fall of the Golden Age". Coldstar lead a large raid to kill what remained of NightClan, and only killed Soulstar before he was killed. His father Frozenstar turned him away from StarClan, SpiritClan, and MountainStarClan. Coldstar joined the Dark Forest or know to the mountain clan cats (NightClan, FrostClan, LightingClan, and StreamClan) as Dark Cave. Dark Cave is a place where all souls of evil cats are sent to be punished for their sins.


Frozenstar: A White and tan spotted tom. Second leader of FrostClan.

Oceanfur: A blue-ish white she cat.