CometClan Edit

CometClan is a great clan who is in the region of New Mexico. A more patiant and trusting clan, this clan was founded by Cometstar. This clan lived wherever a comet is scedueled to be. They despise meteors which MeteorClan follows. Unlike most Clans, this clan is thrilled by dogs.

Founders Cometstar, Elitafang
Leader(s) Cometstar,ElitaStar
Deputy(s) Allifang
Medicine Cat(s) Genheart
Current Stats
Current Leader Elitastar
Current Deputy Allifang
Current Medicine Cat Genheart
Number of Members 20 (if you want to join this clan edit this)
Apprentice(s) Braidanpaw
Owner Elita


This clan is trusting and willing to fight when needed. Most of this clan are good-hearted and pure, but in every few generations there is darkness. CometClan does not like interfering, they would skip the weekly gatherings if they could. Despite this, they join in with all the alliances.

Attack Edit

Comet Bullet : Charge with all your might onto the opponent.

  • Hawkshead Formation: Team up with some peaple. Shape into a "V" and, with you in the tip, rush at the opponent.
  • Spinning Flower: Spin very fast and launch yourself at opposing person.
  • Beauty Launch: Many people do the spinning flower attack and launch a tightly formed group. This clan's code for this is 6 people to join in and weave within each other.

Traditions Edit

Comet Watching

This tradition first emerged as a hobby. But now, the pack watches and will watch forever.


The 5 clans in the SpaceClan alliance met every week in the Aztec Public Library. CometClan would skip them, but are eager to share news.


The Moon Stone is a pendant on a chain. It is real moon stone. When warriors touch it and close their eyes, they can share tounges with StarClan.

Deputy Cerimony

The deputy is chosen at moonhigh after the previous one dies, retires, or becomes leader.

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