1. Squidpaw's Apprentice Ceremony Edit

Mountainpeak, Squidkit's mother, pushed her kit to Highrock. The SeaClan leader, Turtlestar, looked down on Squidkit.

"Cats of SeaClan," Turtlestar called, "we are gathered here today to make a new apprentice. Squidkit has reached the age of six moons and will now be called Squidpaw. His mentor will be Cloudjumper. We also mourn the loss of Octopuskit and hope that he accepts the name of Octopuspaw. His SpiritClan mentor will be Rosepetal."

All of the cats yowled at the top of their lungs. "Squidpaw! Octopuspaw!"

2. Surprise Ceremony Edit

Coralkit and Tortoisekit were watching in awe. Their mother, Reefbranch, started to nudge them back into the nursery.

"Wait!" Turtlestar called. "Coralkit and Tortoisekit are six moons old tomorrow. But since that last attack from MudClan, there will be no time for a ceremony. Coralkit and Tortoisekit will reach the age of six moons tomorrow and will now be called Coralpaw and Tortoisepaw. Their mentors will be Seahorsetail and Shyfish."

At the same volume the cats had yowled Squidpaw and Octopuspaw's new names, they yowled "Coralpaw! Tortoisepaw!"

Suddenly, their medicine cat, Reedfloat, pulled Coralpaw towards him.

"Coral and tortoise will rise," Reedfloat whispered, "but coral will grow where tortoise can't swim. It means you and Tortoisepaw will rise to power together, but eventually, you will rise above your sister. Please, don't tell."

It was this prophecy that completely changed Coralpaw's life.

3. A Tour of the Territory Edit

The only other cat to know about the prophecy was Coralpaw's mentor, Seahorsetail. After Coralpaw was shown the territory, they'd do fighting practice.

First, Seahorsetail showed her the MudClan border.

"This is the border with MudClan," Seahorsetail explained. "See how our scents are strongest by the border? That's the scent line, and you must never cross it."

"I won't," Coralpaw promised.

"Follow me," Seahorsetail beckoned. "I'll show you the territory of SandClan. We don't see much of them around here because we don't have a quarrel with them, but you can see the territory across the three tail-lengths of MudClan territory that's by the main border.. Over here, when the MudClan territory ends, is ours. It goes north until the greenleaf Twolegplace. Then the territory goes east until the large horseplace with other animals, like cows and sheep."

"Wow," Coralpaw gasped. "So much to remember! I didn't know there were so many kinds of Twolegplaces, or where the border was, or... or that there was so much territory!"

"Come on," Seahorsetail laughed. "Let's get back to camp."

4. Battle Training Edit

At the training hollow, Tortoisepaw asked Coralpaw what move she was learning. "I'm learning the forepaw swipe," Tortoisepaw announced. "What're you learning?"

"The bellyswipe," Coralpaw replied.

"What?!?" Tortoisepaw exclaimed. "That move is only for advanced apprentices who've learned the forepaw swipe, the hindpaw swipe, the pretend defeat 'n real attack, and the climb-on-back-and-rip-out-fur!"

"Well," Coralpaw explained, "I saw a patch of moss on a tree and brought it home for the elders by using the forepaw swipe. I caught a big, juicy squirrel and I buried it using the hindpaw swipe. I accidentally thought a tree was a MudClan warrior and did the climb-on-back-and-rip-out-fur, or in that case, bark. When a MudClan apprentice, Marshpaw, landed on me after falling from a tree, I did the pretend defeat 'n real attack until I realized she was just lost and hadn't learned the boundaries. I guess I'm special."

"Okay," Seahorsetail interrupted them. "Coralpaw, pretend I'm a MudClan warrior. I'm about to squash you under my belly. Swipe with your claw in a real battle and then roll onto your forepaws and kick with your hindpaws. In my moment of unbalance, you would run to fight another enemy warrior. Let's try it now, claws sheathed."

Seahorsetail leaned over Coralpaw's body and tried to sit on her apprentice.