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Cougarstar was the former leader of BayClan



Cougarstar started his life in WoodsClan as Cougarkit with his mother Bronzeflower.  He and his brother Blazekit were the only surviving kits.


A 7 moons Cougarkit became Cougarpaw and was mentored by Yellowpelt.  He was exiled after eating on a hunting mission.  He lived as a loner for some time.  After rescuing a BayClan warrior from drowning, he was brought to BayClan.  He told their old leader Marblestar(who is now retired and goes by the name Marbletail) that he is a loner.  Since he did rescue a BayClan warrior, Marblestar gave him the option to join BayClan.  This didn't sit well with some cats.  The BayClan deputy Whiteflame said," What if it's a trick?  He could be a spy from our arch enemy MeadowClan!"  Mablestar replied " We'll give him a chance but if he does turn out to be a traitor he will be exiled permenantly."  Soon after joining BayClan he got his new mentor Tigerstripe.  He was surprised how good he did on his first training session.  They didn't know he already had another mentor in WoodsClan for several moons.

Warrior,Mentor and DeputyEdit

He soon got his warrior name Cougarstreak.  One day MeadowClan invaded BayClan.  Their leader Wrenstar, killed Whiteflame.  After the battle,  Cougarstreak was appointed the new deputy.  He also got his first apperentice, Yellowpaw.  He trained Yellowpaw very well like Tigerstripe trained him.


Soon after Yellowpaw got her warrior name Yellowface, Marblestar retired and joined the elders.  By The Warrior Code Cougarstreak became Cougarstar, leader of BayClan. He appointed Spottedflash his new deputy.  One day  WoodsClan attacked them.  He was desvastated that he would be fighting his home Clan but this for BayClan, not him. He turned to see his mother Bronzeflower desprately fighting Lightpelt.  Not wanting to see his mother die, he pushed Lightpelt away not ready for the warrior to ask,"What are you doing?  Are you sure your on our side?"  After telling him that she is his mother and saying goodbye to her he sees Spottedflash lying on the ground next to Twigstar.  Cougarstar is so angry that he rams into Twigstar and rips his throat open.  Twigstar falls to the ground and loses his seventh life.  Spottedflash tells Cougarstar that he is a great leader and that the next deputy will be great to.  Spottedflash dies before he can finish.  Cougarstar chooses Whiteleaf to be the new deputy.  Soon after he retires and Whiteleaf becomes Whitestar.  Lightpelt is the new deputy.


He retires and gives up all but one life.  He is especially surpised when his old friend Spottedflash is revived.


Name: Current: Cougarstreak Leader: Cougarstar Warrior: Cougarstreak Apperentice: Cougarpaw Kit: Cougarkit

Clan:Current: BayClan Past: WoodsClan

Breed: Turkish Angora-Abyssinian Mix

Apperance: A slender, cougar-colored tom with ginger-colored paws and tail.  He has green eyes.

Parents: Bronzeflower and Unkown Tom

Litter-Mates: Blazeheart

Mate: Peachtail

Children:  Forestkit, Patchpaw and Icetail

Mentors: Yellowpelt and Tigerstripe 

Apperentice: Yellowface