Crimsonstar FireClan
Clan(s) ThunderClan and FireClan
Basic Info
Parents Bunnytail and Storkwing
Litter-Mate(s) Solfheart
Mate(s) Breezeflower
Children Rustclaw
Mentor(s) Dogtail
Apprentice(s) Badgerpelt, Darkstreak, Nightclaw and Rustclaw


Crimsonstar was born in a clan known as ThunderClan. He lives with one sister named Solfkit while he was named Crimsonkit since he had dark red fur. Their mother was a female named Bunnytail and their father was Storkwing. Storkwing soon became an elder and retired from being a warrior. Bunnytail was still young and most likely have more kits. When the two kits were four moons old Blackkit and Finch were born. The two kits survived to adulthood and soon becane apprentices.


Crimsonpaw and Solfpaw got their mentors. Crimsonpaw's mentor was a cat named Dogtail and Solfpaw's mentor was Mistyfur. Dogtail and Mistyfur were litter-mates as well like Crimsopaw and Solfpaw. Crimsonpaw grew into a strong brave apprentice while Solfpaw took a more lady approuch to things. Solfpaw and Mistyfur often conpeted with Dogtail and Crimsonpaw. Storkwing had said "sibling rivalry is a good thing."Crimsonpaw defend a warrior twinc ehis size in a territory battle. Blackpaw and Finchpaw were new apprentice and soon started to train with Crimsonpaw. Mistyfur was injured in a fight against ShadowClan. Mistyfur wasn't able to mentor Solfpaw but she and Solfpaw often spent time in the Medicine Cat's den who Barkfur. Solfpaw soon discovered she wanted to be a Medicine Cat so Barkfur who was old took her as his apprenitce and Solfpaw was able to heal Mistyfur who discovered she was going to have kits! Crimsonpaw was happy his sister was able to help other cat so soon. She was called Solfheart. Crimsonpaw the was ready to be a warrior.


Crimsonpaw became Crimsonstreak since he had a darker red on his back. Blackpaw became Blackjaw and Finchpaw became Finchtail. He soon went on night potral and hunting parties. Crimsonstreak got an apprentice named Badgerpaw. Blackjaw got an apprentice named Cloverpaw while Finchtail got an apppreantice named Breezepaw. Badgerpaw was the perfect apprentice and did everything Crimsonstreak told him. Time went by the soon his apprentice and his friends soon became warriors, Badgerpaw was named Badgerpelt while Breezepaw became Breezeflower and Cloverpaw became Clovertail. When Crimsonstreak was a twelve moons old he fell in love with Breezeflower. She had just became an warrior so they waited for twelve moons before the diceded to have kits. In-between that time Crimsonstreak got a new apprentice named Darkpaw while Breezeflower got an apprentice named Wildpaw. Blackjawhad gotten an apprentice around the same time and often trained Bluepaw with Darkpaw and Wildpaw. Darkpaw was nothing like Bagerpelt. He thought he knew everything which he didn't. Wildpaw was hypre and often run into things with out thinking. Bluepaw was calm and listen to Blackjaw. Crimsonstreal and Breezeflower had their paws full with these two apprentice but after a few moons the two apprentice started to listen and soon became honorrable and thoughtful warriors. Darkpaw bcame Darkstreak, Bluepaw became Blue-Eye and Wildpaw became Wild One.

After twelve moons and their apprentice became warriors, Crimsonstreak and Breezeflower soon had a kit named Rustkit. He was born a single kit and became Crimsonstreak's pride and joy. Breezeflower's best friend Clovertail gave birth to two kits named Silverkit and Goldenkit. They were born around the same time as Rustkit. Crimsonstreak got a new apprenicte named Nightpaw along with Finchtail got her brother Ashpaw. Nightpaw and Ashpaw trained fast and unlike Darkstreak and Wild One, they listened those Nightpaw was clumsy and Ashpaw was timid. A fox got into the Nursery and Breezeflower attacked the fow while Clovertail carried each kit, Silverkit, Rustkit and Goldenkit out of the den. Crimsonstreak reutnred and attakced the fox with Blackjaw, Bargerpelt, Finchtail and Darkstreak. Blue-Eye helped Clovertail with the kits. The warriors drove it off but Breezeflower and wounded and died that night. Clovertail took over care of Rustkit as she took care of her own kits. Crimsonstreak became very protcetive of Rustkit being the only thing he had left of Breezeflower.Rustkit soon grew into a young cat and became Rustpaw mentored by Badgerpelt who Crimsonstreak trusted with his son. Silverkit became Silverpaw and her mentor was Blackjaw. Goldenpaw's mentor was Darkstreak.

The old leader Smokestar died and Mudstar rose to power. Ashpaw who was now Ashpelt and Nightpaw were the last warriors he named. They became Nightclaw and Ashpelt. Only a few days after their naming Smokestar died of old age. Mudstar made Badgerpelt deputy. Then Mudstar then had him killed so no one opposed his power. Lizardfur who was weak and ready to retire into his new deputy. Crimsonstreak assumed mentoring of Rustpaw. Mudstar order attack after attack on the other clans to wided their territory. Lizardfur died bravely in battle. Rustpaw was almost killed by Clovertail saved him but died in the battle. Mudstar named Finchpelt his new deputy. She was a quiet cat and Mudstar thought she would give him no trouble. Crimsonstreak didn't want to lived in a clan with Mudstar as leader. Soon Rustpaw became Rustclaw, Silverpaw became Silverfang and Goldenpaw became Goldenheart. The three ned apprentces were sent on dangerous missions so to protect his only son, Crimsonstreak defected with a small group of cats. These cats were Crismsonstreak, Rustclaw, Silverfang, Ashpelt, Wild One, Poppyflower, Brownpaw. These cats left the clan.


Crimsonstreak's small group was soon joined by Blackjaw who was driven out by Mudstar and his followers. The cats wandered off towards the human nets. They crossed the city threw a dry water way and came to a forest on the other side. This was a human campsite that had many places to hide. So the cat seetle down in the forest of Fire Trees. Silverfang said the Trees looks like fire so the new Clan was named FireClan. Crimsonstreak was chossen to be leader so he went to the Moontree, which he learnd about from IceClan's leader Froststar. Crimsonstreak got his nine lives from SpiritClan. He became Crimsonstar. He made Blackjaw his deputy. Mubpaw joined the group and became their Medicine Cat. Mubpaw became Mubfoot named by Crimsonstreak. Then Darkstreak, Blue-Eye, Nightclaw, Robbinpaw and Snakepaw. Darkstreak told the other cats that Mubstar was gone for good and Finchtail was leader now with Goldenheart as deputy. Crimsonstar got some grandhcildren named Redkit, Ivorykit and Ebonykit.


Mother: Bunnytail

Father: Storkwing

Sister: Solfheart

Mate: Breezeflower

Son: Rustclaw

Grandson: Redkit

Granddaughters: Ivorykit and Ebonykit



Rustclaw FireClan

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