CrystalClan was established by a group of ex-BloodClan cats who were re-enforced by former RiverClan cats and an ex-WindClan warrior. CrystalClan came to live in a cave system, thanks to their leader Crystalstar who knew of the location from her former kittypet days.


A former kittypet named Crystalstar became the leader.


Crystalstar's father Whiterush became the deputy and had been her mentor. Sadly he was eldery when he took the position and soon was force to retire. Snaketail assumed his position as deputy.

Medicine CatEdit

An ex-RiverClan she-cat named Silverpool became the Medicine Cat till she died of old age. Her apprentice Cloudwhisker became the new Medicine Cat.

Current MembersEdit

CrystalClan has 20 members.

Leader: Crystalstar – fiery orange fur with a spirit to match

Deputy: Snaketail – an old orange tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Cloudwhisker – bright orange she-cat with amber eyes and white paws and chest

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Waterflame – a dark grey tom with deep blue eyes Appretince Rainpaw

Winterwind – a silver grey she-cat with blue eyes

Midnightstorm – a black she-cat with amber eyes Apprentice Ravenpaw

Iceblaze – a sleek sliver tabby tom with amber eyes Apprentice Oakpaw

Darkrain – mottled dark grey she-cat

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Rainpaw – a brown tabby she-cat Mentor Waterflame

Oakpaw – a a sleek black and white tom Mentor Iceblaze

Ravenpaw – a brown tabby tom Mentor Midnightstorm

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Bearflower – a grey and white she-cat with bright pink nose (Mother of Blackit and Dustkit)

Bluetwilight – a russet she-cat with green eyes (Mother of Batkit)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Clawstorm – An old heavily scared grey and white tom

Patchfur – a tabby grey tom

Skysong – a white she-cat with amber eyes

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Blackkit – a black tom

Dustkit – a brown she-cat

Batkit – a brown and black she-cat


CrystalClan's main rivals are EmberClan.

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