Allegiances Edit

The Tribe of the Valley (Ancient) Edit

Tribe-Healer: Teller of the Pointed Stones (Stoneteller)

Other Ranking Cats: Hawk Claw

Night Falling

Dipping Cliff

Tall Mountains

White Wing

Lion Leap

Hills Shaking

Star-Filled Sky

Long Tail

Bent Ears

Owl Claw

Silver Pool

Moon Rising

Rock Slide

Flooded Valley

Salty Water

Ocean Waves

Night Stalker

Small Chick

Hawk's Fury

Prologue Edit

Scene 1 Edit

Stoneteller: Tribe of No Worries, what have you done? The Tribe needs protection, not danger. Why did you bring the foxes to our home?

Roaring Waterfall: Stoneteller, we did not bring the foxes here. They came of their own cause. We see this as a sign that some cats need to leave the valley while others stay to keep the Tribe of the Valley intact.

Stoneteller: Roaring Waterfall, no cat has ever considered leaving the mountains! Please be merciful. Even with all of these cats, the Tribe may disband and become a forgotten place.

Brave Hawk: Roaring Waterfall is right. If some cats survive and others die, the Tribe of the Valley may not be forgotten if it is reformed by the ancestors of the cats who leave the valley. Stoneteller, make a wise choice. Letting some cats go instead of letting them all die here will ensure that if the remaining cats die, the Tribe can be reformed.

Stoneteller: All right. Please send a dream to anyone destined to go.

Roaring Waterfall: No, Stoneteller. Staying or going is your cats' choices. Sometimes, parts of the future are shrouded in mist to us, and now is one of those times. Please, let your cats make their choices soon or we will all perish. The Tribe of No Worries will be just a memory, forgotten.

Stoneteller: I will.

Scene 2 Edit

Night Stalker: Poison Ivy!

Stoneteller: Didn't I tell you my name is Stoneteller?

Night Stalker: Ah, but you'll always be Poison Ivy to me.

Stoneteller: What is it?

Night Stalker: White Wing and Lion Leap have just left to hunt.

Stoneteller: Hawk Claw is doing good arrangements. He will be next Stoneteller when I die.

Chapter One: Searching for Prey Edit

Scene 3 Edit

White Wing: [sniffs ground] Lion Leap, this is useless. The foxes over at the Mystical Twolegplace Ruins are scaring off or catching useful prey.

Lion Leap: White Wing, I hate doing this. [ears spring up at a butterfly flying by] Oh. Just a butterfly. There's no fat prey, because the foxes are hogging it!

White Wing: So we do what? Go up to the foxes, beg for a fight, and then get ripped apart because we challenged, like, 265 foxes just for food? No way.

Lion Leap: Shush. We're also scaring off prey.

[wind rustling trees and bushes]