yes and before you say anything their is another Berrynose and Daisytail. They all belong to WaterClan.

Family: Leaffeather

Appearance- (Daisytail) is a ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Berrynose is a pink she cat with amber eyes. Jayholly is a fluffy brown she-cat with gray stripes and green eyes. Ryebone is a white tom with black tipped ears and tail.

Personality- Ryebone is very hostile and if you are on his territory he will attack you until you plead for mercy. Daisytail is very sweet and funny but will attack for her Clan (life if necessary). Jayholly is the same as Daisytail but with a hint of Ryebone. Berrynose is very competitive.

Gender- Daisytail is female, Ryebone is male, and Jayholly and Berrynose are female too.

do not use these cats without permission please~!

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