Dakotah is a large, flame colored tabby tom with large paws and bright amber eyes.

Clan(s) Thunderclan, Loner, Kittypet
Gender Tom
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Violetstorm
Children Sandykit, Blossomkit, and Brackenkit
Mentor(s) Flintstorm
Apprentice(s) None
Alive Books Second Series
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Coming Soon

Names Edit

Kit: Dakotah

Kittypet: Dakotah

Loner: Dakotah

Apprentice: Dakotah

Warrior: Dakotah

Trivia Edit

  • Dakotah will appear in the secon series: Beyond the Lake.

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