Dappledfur WoodsClan
Clan(s) WoodsClan
Rank Deputy
Basic Info
Parents Shadowspire Stoneleap
Litter-Mate(s) Dawnfrost Twistedstar
Mate(s) Blazeheart
Children Hazelwing, Ninjaleap, and Embersky

Family Edit

Mate:Blazeheart(Living as of Cold Flame)

Mother:Shadowspire(Deaceased,  Verified VoidClan Member)

Father:Stoneleap(Deaceased, Suspected StarClan Member)

Brother:Twistedstar(Living as of Cold Flame)

Sister:Dawnfrost(Living as of Cold Flame)

Grandmother:Mapleflame(Deaceased, Verified StarClan Member) 

Grandfather:Yellowpelt(Living as of The Blazing Inferno)

Sons:Hazelwing(Living as of Cold Flame)

Ninjaleap(Living as of Cold Flame)

Son in Law:Firecrimson(Living as of Cold Flame)

Daughter:Embersky(Living as of Cold Flame)

Grandson:Frostflight(Living as of Cold Flame)

Granddaughters:Dingoclaw(Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)

Nightleap(Living as of Cold Flame)

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