Founders Heatherstar, Lionthroat, Hardpelt, and Sagefrost
Current Stats
Current Leader Heatherstar
Current Deputy Lionthroat
Current Medicine Cat Sagefrost

I'll update this page any time an apprentice becomes a warrior or new members join.

DarkClan formed from an ex-WindClan member, an ex-ShadowClan Member, kittypets, and rogues. They no longer believe in the warrior code because the leader and the deputy being from different Clans and living together smashed it to dust. Strangly enough, though, dead DarkClan cats go to StarClan.


DarkClan is still very young and Heatherstar still leads the Clan, though she is very old and can move into the elder's den if she wanted.


Lionthroat led the Clan as deputy for many, many moons, but he eventually moved to the elder's den. He is still living. Hardpelt became deputy after Lionthroat.

Medicine CatEdit

Sagefrost is Darkclan's current Medicine Cat and was also DarkClan's first. Now, she takes many, many naps and Greenpaw normally has to take over the role, even though she is not a medicine cat.

DarkClan MembersEdit

Leader: Heatherstar - A bluish-gray she-cat with glassy blue eyes. Apprentice: Midnightpaw

Deputy: Hardpelt - A black tom with an extremely hard pelt. Apprentice: Lionpaw

Medicine Cat: Sagefrost - A gray tortoiseshell she-cat Apprentice: Greenpaw

Warriors (Toms and She-Cats without kits):

Crookedtail: A gray tom with black stripes and a crooked tail.

Apprentices (More than six moons old. In training to become warriors.):

Midnightpaw: She-cat with a pitch black pelt and glassy green eyes. Mentor: Heatherstar

Lionpaw: Amber tom with amber eyes. Mentor: Hardpelt

Greenpaw: Greenish she-cat with yellow eyes Mentor: Sagefrost


Yellowear: Amber she-cat with a bnack stripe down her sides. Mate: Hardpelt


Lionthroat: Amber tom with a big, fluffy chest and green eyes.


Beetlekit: Gray tom with a pointy nose.

Salamanderkit: Amber she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye.


DarkClan has no rivals since they live underground and only one Clan can fit underground.


Their camp is placed on dusty, rocky ground and is surrounded by huge rock walls. The rest of their hunting grounds is the same, except for one spot where boulders are forged together to make huge walls that the cats can climb. This area is surrounded by lots and lots of ivy. These are all the Warrior Clans users have created.

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