Darkheart is a long-furred black tom with amber eyes. He is a warrior of BloodClan, and is the great-great-great grandson of Barley. His father is Crowshadow, his mother is Poolspots, his brothers are Pepperleap and Sparrowfeather, and his sisters are Waterstep and Lavenderfur.

Role in "Warriors: The New Clans"Edit

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Family Tree (Sort Of)Edit

Barely + Primrose = Breeze, Bramble, Fire, and Frost

Frost + Blazestar = Squirrelstar, Lilyshadow, and Rainpath

Squirrelstar + Spotcloud = Speckleear, Mistytooth, Bramblefire, and Flowerflight

Bramblefire + Snowdawn = Loststar, Crowshadow, and Rosemask

Crowshadow + Poolspots = Darkheart, Pepperleap, Waterstep, Lavenderfur, and Sparrowfeather

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