Darkshadow OceanClan
Clan(s) OceanClan, FrostClan
Basic Info
Parents Hollowfoot and Foxfur
Litter-Mate(s) Burnedstar
Mate(s) None
Children none
Mentor(s) Echoheart, Coldstar
Apprentice(s) Spirepaw

Role played by Burnedstar


Darkkit is born to Hollowfoot and Foxfur. She was told at a very young age that she would never be as great as her brother. So she tired to beat up Burnedkit but was always stopped by Foxfur.


Darkpaw was given her first mentor Echoheart. Know as one of the greats of OceanClan Echoheart was believe to be a perfect mentor friend and warrior. Sadly he turned evil and lashed out at OceanClan. Darkpaw had no clue what to do and left OceanClan. She joined Coldstar in FrostClan days before her brother was to be a warrior.


Warrior till deathEdit

Darkshadow Soon after she joined Coldstar and his blood thirsty clan, she learns the a large black tom and a grey and white she-cat were spotted heading for the mountains. Darkshadow sprang at the chance and begged Coldstar to hunt for these two rouges. Coldstar, having though he had broke her loyal to her family will, sent her out to find these two rouges. She didn't have a hard time following her brother's scent. Finding them she saw that Burnedheart was talking with Soulstar. In-raged by the site she lied to Coldstar and told him that the rouge was a rouge FrostClan cat and was sharing information on FrostClan. Coldstar went crazy and ordered a raid on NightClan. She followed the raiding party and watched as her brother didn't do as she thought he would. She thought he'd turn tail and run, but staying by Soulstar he fought against FrostClan. The small raiding party was beat but the NightClan deputy had died in the fight.

Sister's furryEdit

When she heard at one of the gatherings that Burnedheart had become the NightClan deputy, she was angered to the point of threating Coldstar. Coldstar saw this chance to beat NightClan because the deputy was brand new. Darkshadow, Coldstar, and several of FrostClan's warriors charged NightClan. Soulstar fought Coldstar but failed in the fight. She smiled at first but then turned scared. All of FrostClan saw Burnedheart rip Coldstar apart. When Burnedheart turned to the remaining cats, FrostClan broke ranks and fled. Darkshadow wanted to be leader but was refused because they all thought that she planned his death. Darkshadow became deputy following under Demonstar. She became like Tigerstar and wanted to kill Demonstar. She thought if she could be leader she could easily beat her brother. She came down with green-cough and died during the night. She was not missed at all, but when Burnedstar heard he broke down. His sister may have been evil but he still loved her as a sister. As it turns out Darkshadow was found by a StarClan cat in the DarkForest. The StarClan cat was Hollowfoot, who had died in Echoheart's raid. Hollowfoot gave Darkshadow a second chance to join StarClan. Darkshadow dropped her head and told her mother that she was to evil to be let into StarClan. Hollowfoot smiled and took Darkshadow to the gates of StarClan. Darkshadow was cleansed of her sins by admitting she had been wrong to follow Echoheart. A StarClan cat named Soulstar told her that she could join StarClan if she proved that she was able to make up for what she had done. Darkshadow agreed and Soulstar sent her to her brother Burnedstar. Darkshadow's soul merged with the newly born Burnkit's soul.