Darkstar PhantomClan
Clan(s) PhantomClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Phantomstar
Apprentice(s) Blackpaw

Darkstar was choosen to be apart of a new clan called PhantomClan made by the second Masterstar. She was one of the founders along with Shadowclaw, Featherfur, Lionpelt, Peachfur, Blossomleaf, Swiftfoot, Frostfang, Glidekit and Cottonkit. Her named was Dakrpelt. Masterstar trained her and the others. She lived as a warrior till the position of leader became open. Masterstar didn't apoint anyone leader after him. At first Peachfur would take leadership with Lionpelt would be deputy but Darkpelt took the position and became leader. Shadowclaw then suddenly wanted to be deputy to he ousted Lionpelt. Soon Darkpelt was named Darkstar. She made Shadowclaw her deputy. Then they and WhiskerClan became rivals. FurryClan formed by the third Masterstar. FurryClan didn't really have many battles with Phantom. Then Masterstar foudn new cat and brought them to be apprentice. He gave Darkstar a male cat named Blackpaw. Shadowclaw got Devilpaw. The TwilightClan formed and started attacking PhantomClan. TwilightClan was twice the size of Phantom but the smaller group has hold on to some of their territory and has moved closer to Whisker.


  • Darkstar and Whitestar have a nature rivalry
  • Peachfur and Darkstar don't get along.
  • She thinks Shadowclaw is annoying but likes him anyways



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